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My 19th Birthday Extravaganza!

My family made my 19th birthday absolutely perfect! I am so glad calories don’t count on birthdays or vacations πŸ˜‰

The first place we stopped at was The Pit for BBQ in Raleigh, NC.


The BBQ sandwiches there are the best I’ve ever tasted!


After that, our waiter surprised me with their famous banana pudding for my birthday πŸ™‚



Now I know why their banana pudding is a favorite there!

After lunch we went to my grandparents house to celebrate my birthday with them and open presents while waiting for our lunch to digest.

For my birthday this year, I decided to go to a cupcake bakery and get whichever kind of cupcakes we wanted instead of getting a cake, so we stopped at Gigi’s Cupcakes in Raleigh. There were so many cupcakes that looked absolutely delicious it was hard to decide which kind I wanted, but I finally decided on a Red Velvet cupcake.Β IMG_6047


It was even more delicious than I thought it would be! If you are a major sweets fan, I highly suggest Gigi’s cupcakes πŸ™‚

Our last stop for my birthday was the Durham Bulls game. It was the perfect weather for a baseball game.





In the middle of the fifth inning, I looked on the board and there was my name!


My birthday was more than I expected and wonderful thanks to my family!

Until next time,


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