Happy October!

It is finally October!!!


October has to be my favorite time of the year. The cooler weather, fall leaves everywhere, fall colors, pumpkin everything, going on haunted hay rides, 31 days of Halloween on SyFy, Halloweentown movies, fall scented candles, flannel shirts, family pumpkin carving, trick or treating, and getting away with eating a lot of candy (and cake because Halloween is also my brother’s birthday).

This October was a little more exciting for our family because we grew our first pumpkin on accident! Every year, my family has a tradition of having a “pumpkin gut war” after we carve our pumpkins. Once we finished carving our pumpkins last year, we had our usual pumpkin gut war in our backyard. A couple months later, we saw a pumpkin vine starting to grow. We didn’t think anything of it because we are never able to grow anything. All of the sudden the vine kept getting bigger and bigger. Every day, we would look outside to see if there were any pumpkins on the vine, but we could never find any. Once summer came, we noticed round green things. We finally had pumpkins on the vine! It was so fun going outside to see how much they were growing each day. Finally in September, we picked our first pumpkin! So apparently when having our pumpkin war, a seed planted itself in the ground. Hopefully this year, we can plant more pumpkin seeds on purpose to watch them grow again and it will become a family tradition.

IMG_6396 IMG_6401



Here is a little bit of what our family does on Halloween. On Halloween, all of the best Michael Myers Halloween movies with Jamie Lee Curtis comes on SyFy. Every Halloween, I watch all of them until it is time to go trick or treating with my little brother. Then I set our DVR to record the last one to watch when we get back home. My older siblings and I usually dress up with my little brother to go tick or treating in my grandparents’ neighborhood. There are tons of houses around their neighborhood that doctors and lawyers live in so we always hit the mother load of candy. While trick or treating, some families have parties outside in the streets and we get invited, but tick or treating is more fun, so we just listen to them get drunk and try to scare people while we get candy. Once we are finished with trick or treating, we walk back to my grandparents’ house and watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” while eating candy and having cake. Once we get back home, we watch the last “Halloween” movie.  That is just a little of what our family does on Halloween. What do you do on Halloween?

Hope everyone has an amazing October and a fun Halloween!

Until next time,