Hi bloggers! Hope you all had a great Easter.

A lot of people think that Easter is another holiday to have an excuse to get presents. My parents have always made sure that my siblings and I know the true meaning of Easter. Ever since we were little instead of getting presents, the Easter bunny (my parents), would always give us each a chocolate bunny. I love Easter because of the reason behind Easter and to have a holiday that is a time of realizing what Jesus did for us, and to spend time with my family. This year, my brother’s girlfriend came for a visit from England and brought us a few Easter chocolates with her (which were delicious!) It was so nice to have everyone there (except for my sister who is in school in England). Sunday morning, we went to church and then went to my grandparents’ house in Raleigh, NC. Once we got to their house, we started dying all 57 eggs! While dying Easter eggs, we Skyped my sister and her boyfriend which made it feel like everyone was together. We had so much fun just being with each other. Once we were finished dying eggs, we went out to eat dinner and then came back home and watched “Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge Part 2” on Hallmark channel. We watched The Bridge Part 1 at Christmas and it was such a good movie, I bought the book the next day. I could not wait to watch the movie since I had read the book. Watching “The Bridge Part 2” Sunday night, was the perfect ending to a great Easter.

These are some of our 57 eggs before they were dyed


Some of the eggs after being dyed


Goodies we received from the Easter Bunny


Quick Easter photo


Hope you all had a great Easter as well!

Until next time, Caitlin


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