Spontaneous Trip to the Mountains

On June 12th, my family took an unexpected trip to the mountains for my Uncle’s funeral.We were only in the mountains for the 12th and came back on the 14th since it was an unexpected trip. Although a funeral is not something anyone looks forward to, it was a nice time to see family that we don’t get to see much, and for my sister’s boyfriend (Alex) who came with her from England have a chance to meet all our family.   After the funeral, we went to Chimney Rock, NC. It was also nice to show Alex the places we go around NC since this was his first time visiting America.


The first morning we were there,  we loaded up on breakfast


After we had breakfast, we went to Lake Lure, went gem mining, hung out in the river, and of course we had to watch Dirty Dancing since we were where it was filmed 🙂




We had such a fun time in the river climbing from rock to rock and having to hold on to each other so we wouldn’t get pulled in by the current, or slip on a rock.

Each evening, we would play a game of horseshoes and then catch the sunset. IMG_4300.JPG

Our mountain trip turned out to be a fun time even though we went for my uncle’s funeral. Spending time with all of your family members in a pretty place never gets old 🙂

Until next time,