Annual Family Beach Trip

On June 17th, our family headed to Caswell, NC. We stopped at a couple of our favorite places along the way since Alex (my sister’s boyfriend), was with us and hadn’t ever been to North Carolina or America for that matter.

We stopped off at Lewis Strawberry Farm in Wilmington, NC. My family and I used to live in Wilmington and we would go there to get our strawberries. They also have the BEST ice cream. Their banana ice cream is especially delicious.  IMG_4444.jpg


Once we finished our ice cream, we headed to the Fort Fisher Ferry.


Like usual we had to wait 30 minutes for the next ferry to show up, so to occupy our time we played frisbee.


The ferry finally arrived and we were off to Caswell!


We tried to take a good photo, but the sun was too bright.


Once we were off the ferry, we were on our way to where we would be staying.


We finally made it to Caswell and had to check out who had the biggest room with the best view so we could claim it.


As we were unloading the car and putting our things in the hotel rooms, it kept looking like it could storm any minute. From our hotel room window, we could see the storm traveling to where we were. Right when we got inside with everything a huge storm hit.


The beach is the best place for storms so of course, even though it might not have been the safest, we had to go outside during it.


My sister and her boyfriend decided to go ahead and take a shower since there was so much rain. Just kidding. But it was pouring rain and super fun to play in.


After unpacking and getting settled in our rooms, we got cleaned up and went to dinner. One of our favorite seafood places is Atlantic Seafood. When you’re at the beach on vacation, dieting doesn’t exist.


Once we were finished with dinner, we went back to where we were staying. Whenever we go to the beach, we always have to go crab hunting on the beach, but we never keep the crabs. We try capturing the crabs that are already running on the beach without hurting them, then once we catch them and get a picture, we’ll release them. After our stomachs were hurting from laughing too much during our “crab hunt”, we watched the sunset and then just went for a walk.


After watching the sunset and walking around, we went back to our hotel room and played Truth Be Told. After a couple of rounds, we crashed for the night.

It’s always a good morning when you start the day with a view like this while drinking coffee.


Before the rest of the family got up, I went exploring around the forts and pier with my brothers.


Later that morning, we went for a walk on the beach. We walked up to an old rusty barrel, but Nathan and Christopher thought for sure it was a treasure chest with gold in it, so they tried digging it up.


Turns out it was just an old rusty barrel.

After we had lunch, we went swimming at the beach and pool 🙂



We stayed at the pool and beach for most of the day and then went to dinner. After dinner, we went to Fuzzy Peach to get ice cream and have our annual corn hole competition.


By the way, Nathan and Christopher won the corn hole competition.

After Fuzzy Peach, we went back to walk on the beach behind our hotel. The tide was so high, we watched the sunset again then we walked around Caswell.


Nathan insisted on going barefoot while we were walking around, but then decided to go in a shop. Since the shop required shoes, I gave him my flip flops so he could go in and I stayed out. (I tried to tell him to wear shoes hehe).


There was a croquet set at our hotel, so we all had a family game of croquet.


Afterwards, we went to our hotel room and played more games.

The next morning we woke up to see the sunrise.



After the sunrise, we packed up our things to get ready to leave. Ever since we were little, we always looked forward to riding on the luggage carts. Being an adult doesn’t change wanting to ride on the cart, so Nathan pushed me (way too fast) around on the cart.


Once we checked out, our next stop was the candy store in Southport.


After we loaded up with taffy, we went swinging on the swings and relaxed.


When we were finished swinging and starving, we went to the Provision Co. for lunch. I had been looking forward to a crab cake sandwich for the longest time and I finally got it. It was just as wonderful as I remembered it being and the view was pretty great too.



Since Alex had never been there before, when we were finished eating, we walked all over Southport. We also stopped in at the Southport Museum to see the Safe Haven display.


Ever since my siblings and I were homeschooled and we would go on a lot of historical field trips (also known as vacations)  😉 , it became a tradition to always get a “cannon picture”. There was a cannon at Southport, so we had to get a picture.


Whenever we go to Southport, one of our favorite things to do is rock in the rocking chairs at the Southport Community Center and watch the boats go by.


Since we were on vacation and you can never have too much ice cream, our last stop was to get homemade ice cream in Southport. The homemade vanilla ice cream is the way to go.


After our ice cream, we headed back home while making a few stops along the way.

Thanks for tagging along on our annual summer vacation!

P.S.   My family (except for my dad and brother who have to stay home and work), will be heading to England for my sister’s graduation from Durham University and to tour around. I am definitely going to post about our trip, but due to how much time and wifi we have, I will either blog at night about each day, or wait until we are back home. But be on the lookout because I will be blogging at some point 🙂

Until next time,