Adventures In England…Day 3


This morning we lounged around and packed up our things to get ready to travel to Durham, England. We got picked up by a taxi at 11:30am to go to Shenfeild Station. From Shenfeild station, we went to King’s Cross Station.


We arrived at King’s Cross around 12:30pm and the train that was taking us to Durham wasn’t boarding until 2:00pm.


While we were waiting for the train, we ate lunch and fed pigeons which are everywhere in London and they’ll eat out of your hand.


After that, it was time to board the train to go to Durham!



The train ride to Durham was three hours long. With eating the best crisps (chips), reading my favorite book, journaling about what we’ve done so far, and looking out the window at the countryside, the trip went by quickly.





After our journey, we finally made it to Durham where my sister and her boyfriend live since they’re students at Durham University. When we first got there, a taxi took us straight from the train station to our Bed and Breakfast where my mom, brother, and I are staying (since my sister and her boyfriend have their own apartment here). The Bed & Breakfast is a six minute walk from my sister and her boyfriend’s place, so we can walk to each other’s place easily.

IMG_6037 2.jpg

Our room at the B&B 🙂


Tea setup in the corner of our room


Part of the downstairs area


My sister and her boyfriend’s neighborhood


After getting settled in at our place and going to see my sister’s boyfriend’s apartment, we walked into town (20 minutes away) for dinner. There were the cutest houses along the way.



We went to a restaurant called Weatherspoon where I had my first alcoholic drink since you only have to be 17 to drink here. Don’t really get why drinking alcohol is so exciting other than the drink tasting really good.

IMG_6049 2.JPG

My dinner 🙂


After we ate dinner, we walked to pick up Magnum bars at the local store and headed back to my sister’s boyfriend’s place to eat the ice cream while playing Balderdash 🙂 It was 10:00pm when we started walking back to our B&B and it was still light outside. Pretty cool! Also, the weather is wonderful here! Not even being sarcastic. I love rainy weather 🙂


That was the ending to our day since we have to wake up at 6:00am to get ready to go to my sister’s graduation at Durham University tomorrow. And the lady who runs the B&B is fixing us a full English breakfast early in the morning 🙂

I will try to post another blog at the end of our day tomorrow!

Until next time,