Adventures in England…Day 7 & 8

On Monday, (July 4th),  we had breakfast at our B&B and then headed to the train station at 8:30am.


We went from the Durham train station to Edinburgh Waverly Station in Scotland. What better way to start off the day than a cup of Starbucks on a train!?


Our train left Durham at 9:30am and we made it to Edinburgh around 11:00am.



Around 12:00pm, we ate lunch at a grill and bar place for my mom’s birthday. After lunch, we explored around Edinburgh then went to Edinburgh Castle.






After going to the castle, we checked into our apartment we were staying at for the night (which was massive!)


View from our balcony.


After we unpacked our things, we went on a really neat history tour around Edinburgh and then just walked around the streets some more, because there was so much to do and see in the same area.


Around 5:30pm, we ate at a pub called Deacon Brodie’s Tavern. Since I was in Scotland, I had their traditional Scottish meal, haggis and it was so yummy. Deacon Brodie’s is known for their chocolate cake, so we each got a little piece to end on, and it was the BEST chocolate cake I’ve ever had.


After dinner, we went on a ghost walk tour around the city which lasted until 9:00pm.


After the ghost walk, we were already at our apartment, so we went back to get warmed up and to dry off since it was raining and freezing outside, then around 10:30pm, we went for a night walk around the town then went back to the apartment for the night.




Tuesday, (July 5th), we headed to the Edinburgh train station to grab breakfast then hopped back on the train to go to Berwick station.


A bus at Berwick was going to pick us up and take us to Bamburgh Castle, but since we arrived to the Berwick station around 11:00am and the bus wasn’t arriving until around 12:00pm, we went on a walk near the Berwick station where there was a trail to follow. There, we found castle ruins and a nature path to walk down.



Once it was 12:00pm we headed back to the bus and headed to Bamburgh Castle. We made it to the castle around 1:00pm.



Once we arrived, we had lunch at the castle in a cafe.

View during lunch.


After lunch, we explored all around the castle and talked with some of Heidi’s friends who are archeologist and part of the Bamburgh Castle Research Project. We finished at the castle around 4:15pm and went across the street to see the sheep (my favorite part of the day).



The bus picked us up again at 5:20pm and we headed back to Berwick. We ate at a nice restaurant near the station then at 7:30pm we got on the train and headed back to Durham.

Rainbow while waiting on the train at Berwick station.


We got back to our B&B at 9:00pm, and it was packed with people in the pub playing darts, so we stayed downstairs to watch them, and the man in charge of the B&B gave me a free glass of Guinness to try. Around 12:00am, we headed upstairs and got ready for day 9 of our adventures in England.

Until next time,