Adventures in England…Day 9 & 10

On Wednesday, we slept in until 9am, ate breakfast, then went for a morning walk around the B&B we’ve been staying at. At 12:30pm, we had a reservation at a tea cafe called Tealicious for high tea. I never knew that there were so many different teas (4 pages of tea in our menu) and so many different kinds of sweets and sandwiches. After high tea, we went on a tour of Durham Castle. When we got to the castle, we got to watch the staff get a mom and her baby ducks out of the Great Hall and back outside. It was the cutest thing! We toured the castle for an hour and then went to Durham Cathedral. We arrived to the cathedral when BBC was starting to do a live broadcast of the cathedral’s choir, so we got to sit in the cathedral and listen 🙂 After the live broadcast, we walked around the cathedral. Inside the bookstore at the cathedral, there is a really big lego display of the cathedral. The lego building of the cathedral started in 2013, and anyone who wants to contribute a lego to the cathedral can pay 1 pound. We all payed and contributed a lego to the lego cathedral before it is finished in 3 weeks. After we built a little part of the cathedral, we walked around the cathedral some more and arrived at the court yard where part of Harry Potter was filmed 🙂 Once we were finished with the tours and exploring, we went to an Italian restaurant near Durham cathedral overlooking the river and filled up on the yummiest spaghetti. We took an evening stroll all around Durham and then headed to our B&B.


High Tea time.


Durham Castle.



Great Hall in the castle.


Durham Cathedral.



Lego Cathedral.


Courtyard at the cathedral where some of Harry Potter was filmed.



On to the next day…

At 8:30am this morning, we walked to the Durham train station and headed to Whitby. Once we arrived at Whitby, we ate lunch at a really nice cafe called The Rusty Shears. After lunch, we went for a boat ride for 30 minutes around Whitby. When the boat ride was finished, we grabbed some ice cream while walking around the town. We finished our ice cream and headed up the 200 stairs to see the Whitby Abbey Ruins. It was so nice and relaxing once we got to the ruins, looking at a cathedral that was founded in 657 AD, while overlooking the town. After about an hour of staying at the ruins, we headed back down the 200 stairs and went crabbing. We bought a crab net and would throw it over the side of the railing into the water, and then pull the net up once we thought we had a crab. Once we got a picture with the crabs we caught, we just threw them back into the water. It was so much fun to see if we caught anything and to watch everyone else crab too. After crab hunting, we went to a restaurant that is known for their fish & chips and was awarded with the best tasting fish and chips out of all the other restaurants in England in 2014. I now know why they were awarded for the best fish and chips. The food was AMAZING! Once we were finished eating dinner, we walked back to the Whitby train station and headed back to Durham while stopping at different train stations to get on the next train along the way. We arrived to the Durham train station and a cab took us to our B&B. Now, I am writing this blog and then heading to bed for day 11 of our adventures in England.

Train ride going to Whitby.


Cute cafe where we ate lunch.


Mushroom, spinach, and egg Quiche.


A view of part of Whitby while on the boat ride.


Ice cream.


Whitby Abbey Ruins 🙂


View of the town from the ruins.


Crabbing 🙂



The best fish and chips.


Seagull thinking he owns Whitby.


Thank you all for taking the time to read all my blogs! I will hopefully post another one tomorrow night!

Until next time,