Adventures in England… Day 11

I cannot believe it has already been 11 days that we’ve been in England! Today was more of a relaxing day. This morning, we slept until late morning-ish and lounged around our B&B. Around 12pm, we got a picnic from Sainsbury’s and ate it while we walked to a bus stop which was around 15 minutes away. We went to Ustinov college cafe to have coffee and play a game of pool, and then we went to see all around Heidi’s college and dorms/apartments she stayed in. While we were looking at where she stayed, we walked all around her campus where she had classes. We took our time walking around and seeing the area, so once we were finished it was already dinner time. For dinner, we went to a restaurant that Nathan and his girlfriend talk about liking called Nando’s. Super yummy! After dinner, we went into an area of town called Market Square where musicians play in the streets. We stayed in the square for a while listening to music and people watching for about an hour, then headed to our B&B. On our way to the B&B, we went the nature trail way that had a really pretty view of town and the cathedral. It was definitely worth the steep climbs and bridge we had to walk across. Once we were out of the woods, we had already made it back to our B&B. Now, I am sitting downstairs of the B&B with cider and blogging.

Coffee at the Ustinov college cafe.


Pool inside the cafe area.


Watching tennis while relaxing in the cafe.


Walking down a cute street on our way back to town from Ustinov.


Where we had dinner.


On our way to a pretty view in the woods.


Almost there…


…And we made it.



Walking back to our B&B.


What I am currently doing.


Tomorrow morning, we’re going into town for Durham’s annual Minor’s Gala. There’s suppose to be parades, bands, and loads of activities. I will try to post a blog about it tomorrow night if I’m not too tired from our day 🙂

Until next time,