Adventures in England… Day 13

Today was the day we left Durham and headed to Norfolk. We were looking forward to coming to Norfolk because Alex’s parents live there and that’s where he grew up, and also because my granddad’s family was from Norfolk, so in a way it’s kind of like going home to  a place we’ve never been before. A cab picked us up from our lovely B&B this morning at 8:00am and took us to the Durham train station. At the train station, we grabbed coffee and breakfast then got on the train at 9:00am. After riding three different trains, we finally made it to the Norfolk train station around 2:000pm where a cab picked us up and took us to another B&B where we are staying just for the night. Once we finished unpacking and relaxing in our room for a while, we went walking around the village and places where Alex grew up. At 5:00pm, we met Alex’s parents and had dinner with them in the pub at our B&B. The pub is really well known and won an award for the best pub in all of England. In England, it’s common to have a roast dinner on Sundays. The pub had roast dinners on the menu, but stopped serving them at a certain time. Since we are from America and never had a roast dinner before, the chefs cooked us a very nice roast dinner to try since it was also a Sunday, so we could have the full experience 🙂  After dinner, Alex’s parents took us to the local beach. We took our time walking around, visiting, and watching the sunset which was around 9:40pm. It was already after 10pm and since we have to get up early in the morning, we headed back to our B&B. Now, we are watching British shows and getting ready for an early start in the morning.

The B&B we’re staying at 🙂


Listening to the rain out of our window.


After the rain stopped, we went for a walk around town.



I’ll take this apartment please!


Where I live in North Carolina, it’s normal for wild dogs and cats to come to your house looking for food. Here, it’s normal for ducks to come to your house looking for food. Also, cars just wait for them to cross the road just like they’re pedestrians 🙂


I’m in love with this village.



Sunday roast dinner 🙂


Baked Alaska with raspberry sauce.


Beach trip after dinner.





Tomorrow is our last full day in England, and we are going to visit with Alex and his family at their house here in Norfolk before heading to an apartment just outside of London tomorrow night. I hope to blog again tomorrow night! 🙂

Until next time,