Richards’ Reunion In the Mountains Continued

This past weekend I didn’t even have time to blog about what we were doing. Now that I am home, I’m excited to relive our vacation and share it with you guys too. Friday morning, we woke up and relaxed with coffee on the porch.



For lunch we ordered pizza.


After lunch before our family started arriving for the reunion, we went for a walk to the river.


My siblings and I found a cool path that went to the water, so we headed down the path to explore around.




Once we found out that the current wasn’t super strong where we were, we decided to walk to the house to put on our bathing suits and then head back to the river to swim. Since the river is in the backyard, it didn’t take long to get ready and get back in the river.

There were strong currents in places that we didn’t notice before, so it was an adventure to not get sucked under water. Christopher got stranded on a rock where the water was super deep and he couldn’t make it back across, but after about 10 minutes we got him across and then the fun started.


Right before we jumped in the water, we had visitors from raccoons and groundhogs. My mom took this picture of one of the raccoons since she and my dad were watching us from the bridge 🙂


It was super fun climbing from rock to rock and finally making it to this peaceful area.


There’s nothing much better than swimming with fish around us, while having a view of Hickory Nut Falls and Chimney Rock until… we saw a Copperhead snake. Right where we had been swimming was a Copperhead also swimming around.  We had already spent an hour or two in the river, so once I saw the snake I was ready to leave.  We left the river and headed back to the house to get cleaned up.    Our family members were arriving when we got back. For dinner that evening, we cooked out hamburgers and hotdogs with tons of sides and sweets. For the rest of that day, we visited, played games, and just chilled.

Saturday morning I had coffee in my usual spot, of course. After breakfast, we went for a walk in the village then went back to the house for lunch. After we ate lunch, we went to Lake Lure for a couple of hours before it looked like it could storm. We headed back to the house, and right when we made it back, it started storming. I love storms so I stayed outside on the porch through the whole storm 🙂  After the storm I went for a walk and then went to the local coffee shop to get coffee.  For dinner we had a huge homemade country meal 🙂  For the rest of the evening, we sat around singing and playing guitars and played games. I also went for a late night run to the local ice cream shop because they have the best Banana Pudding ice cream cone.












Sunday morning was the day that we had to head back home. Before leaving, Nathan grabbed his jug and glass of orange juice and we headed outside to take pictures.



Hope you enjoyed following along on our trip!

Until next time,