20th Birthday!

I finally have time to post about my 20th birthday! My birthday was on August 12th, but with moving from Oxford to Raleigh, NC, and starting at a new university, it has been a little chaotic.

On August 12th, I woke up to the sweetest birthday messages from my family and friends. Since we live just a couple of minutes away from multiple Starbucks now, I had to go get my birthday drink. If you haven’t tried the new Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato yet, I suggest you do it ASAP! You can thank me later 😉  Since my family and I were in the process of moving on my birthday, instead of presents, I wanted to pick out new furniture for my new room. My mom and I took a morning shopping trip to pick out things for my room, and then we came back home to set it up. We chilled out at home until my dad got off of work, then we headed downtown to celebrate. I am a huge fan of Irish pubs and wanted to try one I hadn’t ever been before, so we went to Hibernian pub. You can never go wrong with a traditional Irish pub with great food, a great view, and great music. After dinner, we went to a fresh local ice cream shop to get an ice-cream cake. We headed back home to finish celebrating and eating cake 🙂  The next day since it was Saturday, we continued celebrating my birthday and went to my grandparents’ house. My dad and I made a fruit pizza for my second cake to have with my grandparents 🙂 We finished the day by going to a pizza restaurant at North Hills and then coming back home to watch the Olympics. Even with college orientations, moving, and starting school, my family made my birthday so much fun!




Rooftop view



Biggest and best Bangers and Mash


Free Raspberry bread pudding


Ice cream cake



Fruit pizza for round 2 of birthday celebrations


Once my family finishes moving, I will hopefully be posting a blog about our new house so stay tuned 🙂

Until next time,