Why I Am Actually Excited to Vote For the First Time


In this year’s election, there are very few positive comments about both candidates. I was recently writing an election story in one of my writing classes at my university, where I was having to interview students about this upcoming election and what they thought about it. The majority of students say that they are disappointed that they have waited 18 years or so to vote, and these are the two candidates that they have to choose from. Other students say that they’re just settling for Hillary Clinton because she’s better than Donald Trump.

I am majoring in broadcast journalism where I am taught to have a critical ear and eye for everything. Plus, I am very hard-headed and can’t be persuaded by anything just from seeing it or hearing it for the first time. Whenever I see anything pop up on social media, I always research it further. Even with my parents’ political viewpoints I like to have my own opinions and views, which is another reason why I researched about this election for myself.

Some people think that you cannot have anything to do with people who have different political viewpoints, so JUST TO CLARIFY, THIS IS MY OWN OPINION. I AM NOT BASHING YOUR OPINIONS OR WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THE ELECTION.

With that being said, I am actually very excited to vote for the first time. After watching debates, reading credible articles, and thinking for myself, I am excited to vote for Hillary Clinton and here are a few reasons.

  1. Hillary will introduce comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to full and equal citizenship.  “If we claim we are family, then we have to pull together and resolve the outstanding issues around our broken immigration system. The American people support comprehensive immigration reform not just because it’s the right thing to do-and it is-but because they know it strengthens families, strengthens our economy, and strengthens our country. We can’t wait any longer for a path to full and equal citizenship.”-Hillary Clinton
  2. The one thing I absolutely HATE hearing is that “Hillary is a baby killer.” Just because Hillary is actually giving women a chance to do what they want/need to do, does NOT make her the baby killer. I personally don’t like the thought of having an abortion, but I also don’t think that the government should have control over this decision.
  3. Hillary will fight for equality for LGBT Americans. Just like I don’t think the government should be the one to make decisions about abortions, I also don’t think that the government should make it harder to love who you love. There is a LGBT group at my university and I completely support what they do. This is something that does not need to be controlled by the government.
  4. Hillary could be the first woman president. As I was interviewing students for my election story for class, some students, (mostly female), said that they hope Hillary becomes the first woman president because they think that it will make other women have more opportunities. It seems like whenever I watch the Miss America pageant, the question that is asked most often is: “if you could choose a female to be on the back of money, who would it be and why?” Some girls reply with Ellen, or Oprah. I think it would be neat to see Hillary one day.

I love Obama as president and I feel that if Hillary becomes president, then we would be continuing in the right direction. Students who I interviewed said they think if Donald Trump becomes president, then it will ruin everything, at least most of the things that Obama has accomplished.

When I went to England this past summer and people would hear that my family didn’t have an accent, they would ask where we were from. We would reply with, “from America. We live in North Carolina.” People would immediately ask if we were one of the ones voting for Trump. They would continue the conversation by talking bad about him. They aren’t even the ones who have to worry about it! I love my country and I want it to continue to be a great country. Make America great again? When did America stop being great?

With all of this being said, I truly am looking forward to voting for the first time.  This is a moment that I will always remember and for me, I can’t wait to wear the little sticker that says “I Voted.”  #IMWITHHER