More Than Just a Mug…

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE my coffee, but more than that, I love dachshunds.

When I was eight years old, I was dog sitting a dachshund when she gave birth to her dachshund puppies. Since I was the only one at the home when the dachshund had her puppies, the owner let me choose which dachshund I wanted. I picked out the dachshund that I had already bonded with. He was my little baby and we were inseparable.

From sucking my finger and sleeping on my chest when he was only a couple hours old, having to be rocked to go to sleep, to watching the Bachelor with me, he was right there with me all the time. Even when I was sick, he could tell I didn’t feel good and would stay with me in bed.

This past May, he had to be put down because of being paralyzed. Everyday I think of my little Winston and wish he was still with me.

My old brother took a trip to Anthropologie and came back with a dachshund mug for me. This was such a great surprise since I didn’t even know Anthropologie had dachshund mugs for sale. I couldn’t be more thankful for a brother who thinks of me when he’s out shopping and knows my love for dachshunds, especially my little Winston.

Every time I drink out of my dachshund mug, I think of Winston and all the memories we shared together. That is why this mug is more than just a mug. Thank you Nathan for buying this gift for me, and thank you Anthropologie for creating such a lovely mug that gives me joy every time I drink my coffee every morning…




…it’s more than just a mug.

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx




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