A Successful Saturday

One of my favorite things to do on a weekend is to wake up without setting an alarm (which is usually around 8am for me),  not have anything planned for the day, and just do whatever I feel like doing.

Around 11:00am this morning, my brother and I went to downtown Raleigh to grab coffee and just wonder around downtown and go to places we hadn’t been before without being on a schedule. Having no plan turned into one of the best Saturdays.

My mom dropped us off downtown since it isn’t far away from our house and so we wouldn’t have to pay to park. Our first stop downtown was The Morning Times coffee shop to load up on caffeine. I now have a new favorite coffee place 🙂



Random photo stop


Once we got our coffee we decided to go to a clothing store that my brother did photographs for.  They had one of the pictures he took hanging up on their window. It’s a pretty cool feeling walking around downtown or driving by the store and seeing your brother’s work in their window! Of course I had to take a picture of him and the co-owner of the store with his work 🙂


When we left the shop we went to different vintage stores. The first store we stopped in was called Deco. If I had enough money I would have bought everything in there!


After looking around in that store, we went to a cool looking thrift/vintage shop. By far, one of my favorite places.




Hello records!



Once we finished wondering around downtown around 2pm, mom came back to pick us up.

On our way home, we saw people carrying protest signs and down the road a little bit there were tons of people protesting. As a journalist currently writing an article about protests, this was the best opportunity take photos and interview people.

My mom found a place to park and we went to see what people were protesting about. Once we walked to where the protest was, we read signs saying “no ban, no wall” and I got even more excited.

Not only was I excited to get what I needed for my article, but more importantly, I was excited to protest about this recent issue. I think it is horrible to put a ban on people trying to make better lives for themselves. A lot of people say that Muslims need to be kept out because they blow up people. If you really think about it and do your research, more American citizens have done more damage than Muslims that come to America.

I also read a comment on Facebook recently from someone saying “I would call for a complete immigration freeze for awhile though, rather than banning a few countries.” This comment made me so mad because not only is it super ignorant, but it’s ridiculous that someone is so scared of people that are different than them, they feel as if no one should be allowed into America. Also, my older sister, my future brother-in-law, and my brother’s girlfriend who I consider a sister lives in a different country. I would like for someone to try to keep me away from my siblings. Please. Now that that’s off my chest…

The protest was really empowering. There were all kinds of people at the protest and it felt like everyone was one and had each other’s back. It was also emotional. The vibe there was  hope and peace rather than anger and the protest turning violent. There were families and little kids running around playing tag, drawing on the sidewalk, holding up signs, and cheering when the speaker would speak of hope and no bans.

From not even knowing there was a protest going on and then spontaneously deciding to park and be apart of a protest that means so much to me was the coolest experience.







And that’s a wrap of the perfect spontaneous morning/afternoon.

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx