Mini Beach Vacay

My best friend Megan and I had a little get away and went to Wrightsville Beach.  I have been really busy with school and Megan has been busy working, so since we finally had a free day we hit up the beach.

It was suppose to be stormy weather, but it actually turned out to be really nice. When we first got to the beach it started raining, which made a lot of people leave so we had the beach to ourselves. We both like rain so it didn’t bother us.  After it rained for a total of like three minutes (just enough time to make people leave 🙂 ),  it was the perfect weather.

Once we got finished at the beach we went to Grinders, which is my favorite coffee shop in Wilmington.  It started storming when we were at the coffee shop (coffee and storms are my fav!) so once the storm passed, we had dinner and pigged out on pasta since we weren’t getting back in to our bathing suits 😉

And the trip was complete with driving home while listening to Broadway show tunes 🙂





Every summer I absolutely dread going bathing suit shopping. Bathing suit bottoms are super easy for me to shop for, but it’s the top that drives me crazy! I can never find the right bathing suit top that will actually support my boobs.

After looking in every store that sells swimwear in my area, I finally found the most PERFECT bathing suit top at PINK. It fits just like a bra, gives me the support I need, and it looks nice. I tested it out at the beach and even when hard waves hit, my top never came undone and still gave me the support I needed. It’s very adjustable too so you can make it the size you need. It also wasn’t that expensive.  For anyone who is bigger on the top, I highly recommend buying your bathing suit top from PINK. It’s so worth it!

(The link to this bathing suit is under the pictures)