The past few weeks have been such an enjoyable time with my family! On July 9th, my sister and her fiancé arrived from England until today (Aug. 3rd).  We had so many things to do with only a few weeks to do them. Since they are getting married in November in Southport NC, but live in England, this was their last opportunity to get wedding plans squared away before the wedding.

We had three weeks to meet with people about the wedding plans and go on our vacations. Since my brother was flying to England on July 14th, we only had a couple days to do our summer family traveling.

First thing we did was go to the beach at Southport. We had a mini vacay while also knocking out wedding details with the wedding planner. The next day, we went to Wet ‘n Wild waterpark. We then had a chill day before my brother left for England. Next on our agenda was getting our nails done before my sister’s wedding shower the next day. The next day was filled with fun at her tea party wedding shower. Our church also gave them a wedding shower.

In between busy days, were lazy days going to get coffee and watching movies all day. Since none of my siblings except for my little brother will be in the country for my 21st birthday on August 12th, I had an early birthday celebration with the family. The day started off with Duck Donuts and then ended with a big cookout.

My sister has already purchased her dream wedding dress in England, but she wanted to try on dresses just for fun and to have that experience with us since we were not able to be with her when she said yes to the dress. It was so much fun looking at all the different dresses in the store and having that experience with my big sister!

Before my sister and her fiancé went back to where they live in Durham, England, we took them to a baseball game in Durham, NC to watch the Durham Bulls play. My sister’s fiancé had never been to a sporting event before and didn’t know what baseball was since he’s from England, so it was fun teaching him the American sports 🙂

The two days they had left here were spent hanging out with the family and relaxing. And just like that all the wedding details are finished and everything is set for her wedding in November. Plus, we got in all our trips we were wanting to take. Now just waiting for my brother to come back from England on August 17th!

























Tomorrow (August 4th), we’re hitting the road early to go to Emerald Isle for a family reunion! Blog coming soon once we get back 🙂

Hope all of you are enjoying your summer!!!

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx