Labor Day Weekend/Birthday Trip to DC, Day Two & Three

Sunday morning, day two of our trip, we had Krispy Kreme Donuts for breakfast and stopped by Five Guys for lunch (because calories don’t count when you’re on vacation), then went to the metro to go back to DC for our day of outside exploring since it was a really pretty day.  (All photos below.)

We walked over 10 miles around DC going to all the tourist locations. The first location we went to was the White House. The flag was up at the White House, which meant Donny John was there. There happened to be a DACA protest going on and according to security, protest happen pretty much everyday now, but this protest was much calmer than others.

After going to the White House, we went to the Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, Washington Monument, Ford Theatre where Abraham Lincoln was shot, the Peterson House where Abraham Lincoln died, the “Newseum” that features top news stories in history, the Capitol, the Union Station to eat dinner at the food court, and then we went back to the metro to go to the house.

We returned to the house from DC around 7pm and the rest of the evening was spent in the backyard at the fire pit eating s’mores.


The new African American Museum


The Peterson House


Union Station




Monday was a relaxing day before coming back home that evening. We went to IHOP again for breakfast and then back to the house in Alexandria, VA, to spend time with family while grilling out chicken tacos. We left the house that evening and got back to our house late last night. Now back to college assignments.




Until next time,

Caitlin xxx