Christmas & New Year’s ’18

Winter break so far has been great! I hope all of you had a relaxing Christmas and New Year. For Christmas this year, we stayed here in Raleigh to have Christmas with my grandparents and go to a Christmas Eve service. On Christmas day, we went to my uncle’s house in the mountains, (Rutherford County, NC).


My uncle owns farm machinery and growing up, I loved to drive “the little orange tractor” for hours a day. I thought it was like the most fun thing to do since I was little and could drive. Every year when we would go to his house, I always had to drive the little orange tractor. Since I liked it so much, my uncle let me write my name on it to make me feel special. Ever since then, I would always ask him how my little orange tractor was doing since I wasn’t there.

I hadn’t driven the tractor in forever. Since I now drive and have my own car, I don’t consider driving a tractor to be as entertaining as my 9 year old self thought it was. Because we were actually staying at his house for a while this Christmas, I decided to go for a spin again on my little orange tractor and also let my little brother drive it (he should feel so honored to drive it haha). It’s always fun to be back where so many memories were made growing up.


We also went to my uncle’s family’s vacation house in Chimney Rock to visit with them and my aunt’s side of the family. We all had our own gingerbread houses to decorate, but because I don’t have enough patience to do anything, I made a crappy gingerbread house. Sadly, it didn’t survive the car ride back to the house (RIP). My aunt also made gingersnap cookies, which were the bomb!


Shifting from Christmas to New Year’s, I decided to do my top nine posts of the year from Instagram. I love posting pictures of a little of my life on Insta and appreciate all of you for being a part of that.


Here are some of my favorite memories from this year as well. I started out 2017 with an epic trip with my BFF to Nashville, TN, made the Dean’s List after a mega hard semester of college, was honored to be asked to play “Lenore” in “Poe: Shades of Lenore” which was unforgettable, and stood by my sister’s side on her gorgeous wedding day.


As great as 2017 was, I am excited to see all the new things 2018 has to offer. I rang in the New Year with really good friends who I consider a second family. 2018 started out great and I have a feeling it’s going to be a good year.


I hope all of you continue to have a great start to 2018! I am looking forward to blogging more in this new year, and hope you all will continue to follow along as I love sharing my journeys and connecting with you. Please feel free to comment with blog post suggestions as I am always wanting to change things up!

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx