My Take on the Women’s Rally

The Rally was uplifting, inspiring, and motivating to be a part of. When so much negativity is coming from the government and news, it is always a good feeling to be with so many people who appreciate and fight for the same rights as I believe in. I really enjoyed interviewing people to hear their different concerns and hopes for the future.

There were a lot of people that came to the rally for different reasons, but they wanted the same outcome. Some people were there to stand up for health care and some people were there standing up for equal rights, but everyone together shared the same idea, which was the desire to see change.

Two pastors from local churches gave speeches. Its not really surprising that people of a religious organization would stand up for equal rights, but that they were not afraid of having a loud voice with being ministers. Sometimes ministers have to keep their beliefs and thoughts to themselves, so I found that really encouraging.

I know a lot of people where I used to live who think that being Christian means you can’t have a loud voice and support matters such as these, so I am always glad when people aren’t afraid to speak up even when involved with ministries.

I felt so inspired and empowered by what I saw and heard. Some people say that rallies and marches don’t do anything and are a waste of time, but I disagree. Everyone standing around cheering, holding up signs, and saying so much just through their signs, gave me chills.

Even if rallies and marches may not accomplish a lot, I think that they are important to let people know that they have a place to express themselves and that they are not alone in what they believe.

The most important ideas conveyed by the speakers were for women to take more of an active role in politics, for women to get equal pay for equal work, and for immigrants to not be turned away.

Accepting everyone regardless of their gender, sexual identities, birth place, economic status, or religious beliefs were the main points of focus during the speeches. Many participants carried signs, the majority of which were anti-Trump.

I knew this rally would be encouraging, but it was even better than I thought. For me, I could really feel the passion and emotion behind what people were feeling and hoping for for their future.

I love how people can come together and express their feelings as one, and get inspired and charged up to take action and not just to sit back. Some people seem to have more differences than similarities in the world until a rally like this takes place. Then it feels like everyone is joining in on the same thing all together and people have each other’s backs.

I thought it was interesting to hear different answers people gave for what issues mattered most to them. College students would answer that they were there to stick up for sexual abuse and harassment, whereas the older generations would answer with health care and equal pay.

Overall, I personally really enjoyed the rally. When people come together to work towards a better future and do it in a non-violent way, I think it is very empowering and beautiful.


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Join me in continuing to dream and hope for a better future ❤

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx