Stormy Weather Calls for Coffee, Jazz, and Reading Materials

Rainy day weather called for a trip to Barnes & Noble to get a coffee and read magazines and newspapers after a busy day. There’s nothing much more relaxing than sitting in a cafe, listening to jazz music being played in the background, smelling fresh coffee and pastries, while listening to the thunder and rain outside. My kind of day. What do you guys like to do to relax after a busy day?

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With all the talk about Meghan and Harry and their wedding just being this past Saturday, might as well relive the Royal Wedding by reading about it. I was up doing some work Friday night and before I knew it, it was already 2:45am and coverage of the wedding had already started.

Instead of going to sleep like I should have, I pulled an all-nighter just to watch the wedding. Pulling an all-nighter during exam week seems like the worst thing ever, but I  like staying up all night when it doesn’t involve school. Personally, I thought the wedding was perfect. There’s been a lot of mixed feelings on both of Meghan’s dresses, but I thought they were so gorgeous!

What are your thoughts on the Royal Wedding? Leave a comment with your opinions!


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Until next time,

Caitlin xxx