Doggy Date Calls for a Strawberry Refresher and a Puppucino

When something is so good, you have no other option than to blog about it, right? Today’s blog is about my new favorite Starbucks drink that is perfect for summer weather, and the Puppucino.


I went on a Starbucks run with my doggy, Ruby, and we had a perfect little date. When I don’t order coffee from Starbucks (which is rare), my usual summer go-to drink is a Strawberry Refresher with coconut milk instead of water, also known as the “pink drink.” It’s the perfect balance of fruity and creamy and doesn’t taste like it is loaded with sugar and syrup.

A lot of people I follow on Instagram, recommended the Strawberry Refresher with green tea instead of water. What!? I had to try it. Ruby needed to get out of the house too, so I took her with me and ordered her a Puppucino since she had never had one before. She’s the best little pup pup and the cutest little car rider so why not spoiler her? She deserves it.

We went back home and watched a movie while having our little Starbucks date. Ruby absolutely loved her Puppucino! She had her head in the cup going at it and never even took a breath I don’t think. Once it was gone, she looked so disappointed that there wasn’t more. I feel ya, Ruby. Always needing more Starbucks.



That face you make when you didn’t realize you drank it all that fast 

Now to my new favorite drink. I always need my coffee in the mornings, but for the times that I want something light, refreshing, and cold, I will always order the Strawberry Refresher with green tea instead of water.


It taste like green tea, but has a bold strawberry flavor. It isn’t overloaded with a strawberry or tea flavor, but has the perfect blend of both and is smooth. It isn’t tangy either. I found my new summer go-to drink, and Ruby found hers too! We may just turn this Starbucks date into an everyday outing.

Have you tried the Strawberry Refresher with green tea yet? Do you have a favorite Starbucks drink? What are some of the things you and your pet do together? I would love to hear them!

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx