The Bachelorette Ep. 2 Recap

I was late watching the Bachelorette last night because I was spending time outside since it was so gorgeous, so I wasn’t on my twitter game live tweeting either. Once I came home though, I caught up on episode two and what was going on. You know the drill. Grab a coffee or wine and let’s get into it. 

I really hope this season isn’t all about how her relationship didn’t work out with Arie because so far it is. I get that that’s how she became the Bachelorette and Arie caused her pain, but we all know that. Now focus on the guys in the house and not Arie. 

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The first group date, the obstacle course, would be a date I would totally be in to. I’m all about a fun competition. I was excited to see Rachel and Bryan back for this group date race since I really enjoyed watching Rachel’s season and am glad to see them together still as a couple. 

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Lincoln won the race and apparently made some guys in the house jealous because he put his picture with Becca on the table for everyone to notice. Well Connor didn’t like that, so he threw the picture of Becca and Lincoln in the pool.  Lincoln shouldn’t have put the picture on the table, and Connor shouldn’t have thrown it in the pool. 

Really dudes, come on. And then Lincoln had to talk to Becca about it, of course. I think the biggest turn off is a guy who runs to tell a girl their side of the story and can’t handle things on their own. I get that they have to vent their frustration, but I wouldn’t be able to put up with a man who has more drama than me. Really not sure why Lincoln was so upset about it though. 

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Blake got the first one on one date. He seems chill and down to earth, and I liked how he was vulnerable and expressed himself to Becca right away. But that date would have been awkward. For the first part of the date, they bashed and tore up the things that caused Becca to hold on to memories of Arie. I wouldn’t want to spend my date destroying my boyfriend’s ex’s things. Since she destroyed everything her and Arie had together, hopefully there want be as much “Arie talk.”

The second group date would have been fun to be on too. Dodgeball at a trampoline park? Yes please! So far, these group dates are going better than other group dates in the past. Oh, and Colton was one of the guys chosen to go on the group date, so that’s already a major plus. After the dodgeball tournament, things got a little more dramatic. 

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Colton told Becca that he dated Tia (contestant on the Bachelor last season) prior to coming on the show. Becca is friends with Tia, so he wanted to let her know that nothing is going on now between them and didn’t want to hide it from Becca. Becca stated that she felt frustrated, but I’m not really sure why. Obviously it didn’t work out between Colton and Tia and I like that he went ahead and told her straight up what happened before anymore time had passed. I don’t know how Becca didn’t already know this though if her and Tia are so close.

Later in the episode, Colton and Becca talked it out (after he put his jacket over her so she wouldn’t get wet while walking in the rain, swoon) and he explained that she would never have a trust issue with him because he is someone who puts it all out there. She explained that she needed more clarity in order to invest in the relationship. Come on, give him a rose or I will 😉 Well he was one of the ones to get a rose. 

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Alex was one of the ones who Becca sent home, which I was super bummed about! He was one of the few that I really liked. First, grocery store Joe, now Alex. She better keep Colton around or there won’t be any good guys left! 

After the second episode, my favorite guys are Colton (obviously) and Blake. That’s all for the Bachelorette, episode two recap. I think that this will be my last Bachelorette post until the middle of the season. And of course I’ll do a post about it at the end of the season. 

After watching the second episode, who are your favorites? Did you want Alex to stay on a little longer too? What do you think of Colton talking about the relationship he had with Tia? Let me know in the comments! 

Until next time, 

Caitlin xxx