Carry On Essentials

I’m so excited to be going out of the country again! Thursday morning I’m going to the airport and saying goodbye to America and hello to England. Last time I went to England I learned what I really needed to pack or not pack, so here’s what I’m taking in my carry on this time.


  1. Reading Material. On an eight hour flight a book is a must to make the time go by quicker when the movies on the flight are boring or ones you’ve already seen. The book I’m reading now is called Time of Death by Mark Billingham. I’m almost finished with it, so I have other books in my suitcase for the train trips and on the flight home.
  2. Earphones. I love listening to podcasts and of course music, so I have to have my earphones. Especially sound canceling ones because you never know when there’s going to be a crying baby on the plane.
  3. Glasses. I don’t always wear glasses, but when I read a lot or work on the computer I have to have them, so obviously glasses are essential since I’ll be doing a lot of reading and working on the computer.
  4. Laptop. I have to have my laptop to keep blogging, working, and keeping myself entertained on the flight.
  5. Journal. One of my favorite things I did during my last trip was to write in my journal, so bringing my journal was a no brainer.
  6. Makeup remover/face wipes. Halfway through the flight last time my face felt gross from having makeup on for so long, so it felt good to take off the makeup and leave my face bare for a while.
  7. Face moisturizer. Moisturizer is good at any time. I love the cool and calm feeling it leaves on my face, so I’ll just leave this on during the flight once I take the makeup off.
  8. Makeup/Essentials. People told me last time not to bother putting makeup in my carry on and that I wouldn’t need it, but I am so glad I put it in my carry on. I re-applied the makeup right before landing, so my face was fresh for a whole day of walking around London. Chapstick and other items are also a must have.
  9. Hand sanitizer. This is definitely a must have item. I use hand sanitizer all the time, especially in a closed space with so many people.
  10. Kleenex. I like to take kleenex with me because there are so many different situations where kleenexes come in handy.
  11. Gum. I cannot have enough gum. If I want candy, I chew fruity gum because then I get the candy flavor without all the sugar and calories. Mint gum is good to chew no matter what.
  12. Passport. Last but not least, the passport. The most important item there is.

I’m also taking an extra outfit in my carry on and a sweater. It gets cold on planes and having an extra outfit with me makes me feel more comfortable in case luggage gets lost or something. And then of course I’ll have water and snacks with me once I get through security.


Finally almost finished packing. What are your favorite things to put in your carry on when traveling? Comment your suggestions for carry on items or traveling tips! Keep an eye out for new blog posts I’ll be writing from England or follow my blog.

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx