Day One & Two – London

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to post a blog post last night like I said I would. I got in really late and was too tired to get out my laptop, connect to wifi, and import all my photos, so I’ll catch you guys up now.

Day 1 

Around 8am, yesterday morning (Friday morning), we arrived to Heathrow airport and was greeted by my sister and her husband. After getting our luggage and everything, we took the train to Covent Garden where our apartment is. After putting our luggage up, we went exploring around London.

We had dinner at Sherlock Holme’s Pub and then walked around exploring, going through China Town, and going in and out of stores. My mom and dad had bad jet lag, but I slept the whole eight hours and wasn’t tired at all. After having dinner, they walked back to the apartment to sleep while I went all over town with my sister and brother in law.

We literally walked all over London, had a spontaneous cocktail stop, went to see Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, walked around Thames River, picked up a few grocery items, and took the tube back to the apartment.






Our apartment in Covent Gardens



IMG_0776 2.jpg












Day 2

Started day 2 off by going to see the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace at 11am. Once we finished doing that, it was around lunch time and we stopped in at a cute cafe near the palace to get sandwiches.



Once lunch was over, we walked around London more and then took a river cruise on the Thames River, which took around one hour. Then we walked around some more and took the Big Red Open Bus tour. The traffic was horrible and we didn’t move for the longest time, so I accidentally fell asleep for 15 minutes. Just enough to get re-energized.



After the bus tour, we ate dinner at Covent Garden and then walked to get Crepes for dessert. For the rest of the evening, we did more walking since our apartment is right in town and we weren’t in any rush. We watched street performers and just strolled through the town taking it all in.



The pubs downstairs and across the street are playing ABBA songs since “Mamma Mia” was showing at the theatre down the road. Everyone is singing along while I’m writing this post. 🙂 London is the best!

My wifi is super bad here, so not all of my photos will upload. Hopefully I will have time to import all the photos and do another blog post with more details about our day tomorrow. Apparently my Instagram story is working fine with wifi though, so if you want to stay updated on what I’m doing, you can follow my on Insta! My account is linked on my homepage.

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx