Day Three & Four – From London to Leeds

I have finally found WiFi that works, so I posted more pictures to my last blog post. Fingers crossed I’ll have reliable WiFi from now on to keep you guys updated.

Day 3 

When buying Bus Tour tickets, you can hop on and off until the next day (time of purchase 24 hours later). The bus tour is one of my absolute favorite things to do in London, so we woke up early and took another bus tour for the morning. My brothers went to skateboard a famous skate spot in London while we went touring around.

Once we got off the bus, we grabbed a picnic lunch at Starbucks and went to Trafalgar Square to listen to the London Symphony Orchestra rehearsal since we weren’t going to be around for the concert that night. Just listening to them rehearse gave me chills!

After listening to that, we relaxed in Covent Garden for a bit and listened to street performers, then got ready to go to my brother’s girlfriend’s house because her family wanted us to have a Sunday roast with them 🙂

We enjoyed spending time with them, eating a delicious dinner, and having a tea before heading back to our apartment in London. Once we arrived at our apartment, we took a quick night time stroll around the streets before calling it a night.

St. Paul’s Cathedral  
Tower of London 
Tower Bridge 
Trafalgar Square 


Picadilly Circus 


Picnic lunch. Egg salad sandwiches are the best! 
London Symphony Orchestra rehearsal 
Liverpool St. Station 
Roast dinner 


Covent Garden 


Day 4

We left our apartment in London around 8:30am to catch the train at Kings Cross to Leeds to hear my sister present her PhD research and organize the International Medeival Congress. It was also my little brother’s 15th birthday 🙂

We got to Leeds around lunch time and stopped in a pub to get a quick bite to eat. My little brother wanted to go skateboarding with my older brother for his birthday, so they went skating while the rest of us went to hear my sister’s talk.

After her presentation, we met my brothers at an Indian restaurant to have curry then walked to the pub right beside our hotel to participate in Pub Quiz Night. By the time we got there, they were already 45 minutes into the game and had major points. All of the sudden though, we made a comeback and we won the whole game! Who would’ve thought?

Once we were finished with the quiz night, we had a birthday cake and celebrated my little brother’s birthday more in the hotel room.

In the morning, we are off to Durham, England where my sister and brother-in-law live, which is about 2 hours away from where we are now.


Kings Cross Station 


Train essentials 
View from our hotel in Leeds 
Pub for lunch 


City of Leeds 


Leeds University where my sister was presenting 


Curry night 


Pub Quiz night 


Do you have favorite things that are a must when traveling? Or get to know locals in the area by participating in things such as pub quiz night? Comment your favorite parts about traveling below! Stay tuned for more posts!

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx