Day Seven – Edinburgh, Scotland

Day 7 

This morning, we left my sister’s house in Durham around 9:15am to go to the train station to go to Edinburgh, Scotland for today and tomorrow morning. We arrived at the train station and Costa coffee is obviously a must. I love Costa! Our train finally arrived and we were headed to Scotland.

We arrived in Edinburgh around lunch time, so we had a bite to eat at an American pub since we were having a Scottish meal for dinner. After lunch we walked to our apartment where we are staying for the night to put our stuff up. Once we finished eating lunch, we toured around the area, went to Edinburgh Castle, and walked the whole Royal Mile.

After exploring Edinburgh, we ate a traditional Scottish dinner (Haggis with Cider) at Deacon Brodie Tavern. We walked around the Royal Mile streets after dinner watching magicians, listening to bag pipes being played, and waiting for a ghost tour to start.

The ghost tour started at 9:30pm and I was hoping it wasn’t going to be a corny ghost tour. I also didn’t know how it would be since the sun doesn’t gondown until 11:45pm and it wouldn’t be as scary in daylight. The tour was surprisingly really fun and wasn’t corny at all. Our tour guide was the best!

We finished the tour around 11:15pm and headed back to our apartment for the night.





Tomorrow, we’re leaving Scotland and headed to Bamburgh Castle. What are other must see things to do in England? Comment below!

Until next time,