Day 10 & 11 – Relaxing Day in Durham, England

Day 10 

Yesterday, we lounged around my sister and brother in law’s house until around 12pm when we walked into town to go to Zen, an Asian restaurant. After Zen, we walked back through town to Tesco’s to get some groceries for a “proper BBQ” that night.

Lunch at Zen and a special type of Green Tea


Once we got back from Tesco’s, we just hung out and relaxed. Mamma Mia was also on TV so I took a quick power nap while watching that. Later that evening we grilled out and then played board games and watched “Last House on the Left.” I had so much caffeine throughout the day, I didn’t get to sleep until 5:30am and the sun was already up. Caffeine was a must for the next day!

Drinking my favorite type of juice here while walking home from the grocery store
“Proper BBQ”

Day 11 

Around 9:45am, we went into the village to “Treats” to have a full English breakfast. It was cold and gloomy outisde and when we got into the cafe to have breakfast, jazz music and coffee house music was playing. Nothing beats listening to Frank Sinatra on a gloomy day in England while sipping on coffee.

Treats Cafe
Full English Breakfast

Once we were finished with breakfast, we went to a bridge in the village over the river and listened to a guitarist while overlooking the Durham Cathedral and castle.

After listening for a bit and taking in the scenery, we toured around where my brother in law works and my sister does her research for her PhD. We wondered back to the village, grabbed a latte from Costa coffee, looked in shops, then went to dinner at Bistro Italiano, which had the BEST spaghetti. It didn’t look very fancy on the outside, but never judge a book by it’s cover. It was delicious!

Always have to get my usual medium Latte

We then walked back to the house and started packing to get on the train headed for Norfolk tomorrow morning to get together with my brother in laws family who we haven’t seen since my sister’s wedding in November.

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