At 10:20am, the taxi picked us up from my sister’s house and took us to the Durham train station to go to King’s Lynn station to meet up with my brother-in-law’s family. We basically spent the majority of the day on trains, but they weren’t crowded and I enjoyed relaxing.

Durham Station
York Station

After hopping on and off of different trains, we made it to our destination in Norfolk at 4:07pm. We walked to our hotel about 10 minutes from the train station. After we checked in, we put up all our luggage and went site seeing around the village before meeting family at the Rose and Crown for dinner for my brother-in-law’s brother’s birthday.

Rose & Crown for dinner 

Tomorrow we’re doing more site seeing. My favorite parts of this vacation so far have been doing things that are spontaneous and not as planned. Whether it be meeting people, experiencing new things, or exploring new places. I also really enjoy riding trains for long periods of time while listening to music and looking at all the pretty scenery out the window. What are your favorite things about a vacation? Comment below!

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