Day 14 – Last Day in London

Day 14  

This was our last full day in England and what a good day it has been. This whole trip has been the loveliest time and I can’t wait to come back.

This morning around 9am, we walked from our flat into London to go to Westminster Abbey before the line got ridiculously long. We made it in just after 10am and began our tour. Walking through Westminster reading about everyone who is buried there, imagining what it would have been like in there hundreds of years ago, walking down the aisle and standing at the alter where Prince William and Kate got married, and imagining all the coronations that took place over time right where I was standing was unreal. Since it was late morning, the sun kept shining through the stain glass windows making the experience feel magical.

After we toured around Westminster and ate lunch, we were planning on getting the tube to the British Library since it was across town. But since it was our last day in England and we hadn’t ridden in a typical London taxi yet, I flagged one down and we took that instead of the tube.


We made it to the British Library and took our time educating ourselves on all the hisorical documents. Too bad photography isn’t allowed in there. After we hung around the British Library for a while, we took a tube to Southbank where we were just going to go for a stroll around the River Thames.

By the time we made it there, stopped by a couple gift shops, and my sister had her picture made with the guy who played the Governor on the Walking Dead, we were hungry for dinner. Around 5:30pm, we stopped to have dinner at Zizzi’s Italian restaurant. The first place we ate after arriving here, just in a different location of London.

We ate dinner, shared desserts, then walked from the River Thames back to our flat in the city of Westminster. I love walking everywhere because we were able to see everything. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Big Ben, the London Eye, Parliament, big red buses everywhere, and all the pedestrians fastly walking passed.

We arrived back to the flat around 7:30pm and I went with my brother to meet up with his girlfriend at Liverpool St. Station and go to the Alchemist, which is a fancy bar. Of course the people who were sitting next to us at the bar happened to be from America, so we had a small chat.

We left the bar around 9:30pm to go back to Liverpool St. Station where we said bye to my brother’s girlfriend since she lives just outside of London. My brother and I walked and took the tube back to our flat.


Sadly, this is our last day in England. We’ve packed up all of our things and a taxi is picking us up at our flat at 4:45am. Our flight out is suppose to be at 8:30am.

This has been one heck of a good time in England getting away from reality for the last two weeks. I’ve enjoyed time with family, new family, and countless memories that will never be forgotten.

Thank you all for following along on this journey with me and stuck with me when I couldn’t post every night or upload many photos due to not having enough WiFi. It means so much to have amazing readers and fellow bloggers like you.

I’m already ready to come back for a visit to England. It’s one thing to leave my favorite place, but another thing to leave my siblings and new family behind. I’ll be back soon, England. And for the last time, goodnight from London. ❤

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx