Journey Back to America

Our taxi arrived outside of our flat in London at 4:45am. We all got packed up and headed out the door. We arrived to London Heathrow Airport at 5:15am and told my sister and brother-in-law bye then went through security. Trying to stay awake until boarding at 8:30am so I could sleep on the plane was a struggle.

Getting dropped off by our taxi at Heathrow

Our flight left just after 9am and I turned on Paddington 2 and went straight to sleep within 10 minutes of the movie. We were served an English breakfast (plane version) which was pretty bad. Then we had pretzels and a magnum bar for snacks and a chicken salad sandwich for lunch. I didn’t care for anything except for the magnum ice cream bar.

Everytime the food was handed out and eaten, I went straight back to sleep. I couldn’t even make it through Paddington on the whole 8 hour flight. Around 11am (American time) we arrived at JFK Airport. We got our luggage, checked our luggage back in and got our next boarding passes, then went through security and set our bags down at our terminal gate.


Once we were out of all the chaos of security and set our stuff down, we picked up lunch at the cafe in the airport and took it back to our gate to eat. We just tried to relax and kill time since our next flight to Boston from JFK wasn’t until 5:30pm.

Around 6:30pm we took off from JFK and around 7:20pm we arrived in Boston. We didn’t have nearly as long of a layover then. I had just enough time to charge my phone some more and grab a bite to eat since I couldn’t take anymore airplane food.

Leaving Boston 

Around 8:30pm we boarded the plane and took off just before 9pm. Since the JetBlue plane we were on was a tiny one, we didn’t have a choice of what to watch and I didn’t care for what was on, so I put in earphones and listened to music and fell asleep. I woke up as we were coming in for a landing to Raleigh Durham International Airport around 10:40pm.


We got our luggage then took a taxi from RDU to our house. After all of that, we finally got home around midnight. Killin’ the traveling game because I haven’t had any jet lag the whole trip haha! I’m ready to go back to England now!

Thank you all again for joining me on this journey! It was so much fun doing blog posts to let you guys know what I had been up to and for me to relive the memories. Do you have a favorite post from my journey? Let me know in the comments. I would love feedback ❤

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx