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I’m back to talk about the Bachelorette after not doing a post about it in a while. As you may have noticed from my posts, I’ve been in England for the last two weeks, but now I’m back, caught up on the episodes I missed, and ready to talk about hometowns.

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So Garrett was the first hometown date. He took her to a field and they rode a tractor while planting I think it was tomato seeds. It personally wasn’t my favorite for a date, but at least it wasn’t something super corny.  Then they planted rose bushes while talking about values. Garrett talking about his family values and how he loves his family made up for the tractor date. Then Becca went to his home to meet his family. It seemed like his family really liked Becca, but his mom just wanted to make sure he would be ok no matter the turn out (like any mom would). There wasn’t a dramatic talk between Becca and one of his siblings or dad like there tends to be, so for a hometown date, I think Garrett’s went well.

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Now it’s time for Jason’s hometown date. He took her to eat chicken wings and have a wing eating competition since they’re in Buffalo. Then they went to a hockey rink to play hockey since that’s what Jason grew up doing. Time for the family visit. Jason’s dad talked to Jason alone first and explained that he didn’t want Jason’s heart hurt. Then Jason went on to explain how in love he is with Becca. Jason’s mom talked to Becca alone about her being ready to get married. Jason’s mom then talked to Jason and told him that she didn’t know if Becca’s heart was totally with Jason and that she couldn’t read her.

He explained that he feels like their relationship is passing the other guys’ relationships with her. Then his mom just advised him to listen to his heart. Jason’s brother and his husband let him know that they thought Becca was amazing and Jason explained to them how much he likes her. But then the brother brought up that Jason needed to tell Becca what he told them since there isn’t time left. When Jason and Becca walked out of his house, he explained his deep feelings for her and of course they kissed. That was the end of Jason’s home visit.

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Blake’s turn. He took her to his high school to show her how he grew up and the memories of his life. He introduced her to some of his mentors and then took her to the library to have a conversation. Besides his parents’ divorce, he explained that his school had a shooting and his family was in the building when it happened since his mom worked there and he and his sister went there. He brought that up to her to let her know that that’s why he has the outlook he does on life and how time is precious. She thanked him for sharing that and how that has made him the strong man he is. Afterwards, he took her to the auditorium where people from the community surprised her and artist, Betty Who, performed. Becca stated that that’s her favorite singer and how good of a surprise that was.

Blake then took her to meet his family. Blake’s mom stated that Blake looked more happy than she’s seen him before, but she doesn’t want him to get hurt again. He told his mom that he told Becca he was in love with her. His mom thinks Blake has found the one by looking at him. His dad basically told him the same thing as his mom. Then Blake’s mom talked to Becca about her feelings for Blake, which Becca said there was an instant connection between them and that she is ready to be engaged to the right person. His mom said that she is scared that he will have his heart broken again. At the end of the day, Blake explained how much more in love he is with her after seeing her with his family.

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Onto Colton’s date. He took Becca to pick out toys to take to the children’s hospital where he has a personal connection with the kids there. There’s nothing much better than seeing a manly guy taking care of little kids! He said that Becca has a natural motherly feel and how amazing it was. He then explained that bringing her home may feel overwhelming since he hadn’t ever brought a girl over before because it’s something he finds very important. She said that she worries that he may not be ready since he hasn’t had the experience, but he reassured her that he knows what he wants and he wouldn’t be doing this if he wasn’t ready.

They arrived to his family’s house and met all 18 of his family members. Colton’s dad pulled Colton aside to talk first and wanted to make sure that Colton’s foundation was focused on honesty, etc. Then he wanted to know if he thought Becca was ready after just being engaged. His dad said he trusts Colton, but he’s guarded since Colton could have his heart broken. Then his dad talked to Becca and said that he would rather her break up with Colton now than later if she’s going to do it. Colton’s mom then pulled Colton aside to make sure he was doing ok on this journey so far. His mom also wanted to make sure that he was happy. He told her that he was in love with Becca and his mom said she trusts his judgement. Colton’s mom talked with Becca next and Becca asked his mom if she thought he would be ready since he’s only had one serious relationship. His mom said that Colton is falling in love with Becca and is ready to take the next step and get engaged. Becca expressed how well the day went and how she would love to hear Colton tell her he loves her. Once they walked out of the house, Colton told her he loved her and will miss her. Becca said that she could see a husband, partner, and teammate in Colton.

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Becca said that all four hometowns went great and she needed to talk to her girls. Of course Tia was one of the girls. She did a rundown of her dates and then got feedback from the Bachelor girls. Tia pulled Becca aside and explained that she feels sick that Becca got to meet Colton’s family and that Colton is still here because she still has feelings for Colton. Becca said that she thought that was in the past, so now she’s frustrated and doesn’t want to lose a friendship over a guy, but she likes Colton and his family so she doesn’t know what to do. Ummm if it were me, I would totally be on Colton’s side because I have an issue with girls bringing up drama that’s none of their business anymore. I thought she said on the spa date that she was over him. Mind your business on paradise, Tia. Becca said that after meeting with the girls, she feels off about what Tia told her. She said she has to just keep trusting her heart.

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Rose ceremony. Jason, Blake, Garrett, and Colton all showed up looking sharp and all expressed how anxious they were. Colton pulled Chris Harrison aside and asked Chris what the expectations of the fantasy suite are. Chris said that was between him and Becca and how they choose to handle it (obviously). Becca showed up and said that she is falling for all of these guys and it’s not fair to the person she is about to blind side. She thanked them for an amazing week and to see what makes them them. She told them that she just had to follow her heart even though the decision is hard.

The first person she gave a rose to was Blake. The second guy she gave a rose to was Jason. I totally didn’t expect that! Thought he would be the one going home. Then she gave her final rose to Garrett. Sadly Colton went home. He was my favorite. Even through all the awkward sex/virgin talks with his family. Becca and Colton talked afterwards and Colton told her that after their date, he knew she was special. She said that his dad told her that if she wasn’t going to choose him to go ahead and let go of him now. He said that he finally got to the point where he could be open with her, but she walked him to the car and said their goodbyes. Colton has to be on paradise with Tia after all that drama she caused.

Becca walked back into the guys and told them that their next destination was Thailand and how she’s looking forward to seeing who will be her man. On the preview for next week, it showed her in the fantasy crying saying that she did what Arie did to her. Always gotta end with that dramatic cliff hanger!

And that concludes hometowns. Who are you hoping she gets engaged to? Right now I’m definitely leaning towards Blake. Comment your thoughts below!

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