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The Nov. 6 Midterm Election is quickly approaching and is expected to be one of the most impactful midterm elections in history.

The midterm will not be deciding on a new president, but it will be extremely influential in determining what the president will be able to get passed from his agenda, or what may be blocked, if Democrats are successful in taking over the majority. This election will be very important for possibly reshaping the United States political system as it is now, and for years to come.

People are more outspoken this year than in years past, hoping for a better future, while others do not seemed concerned at all with how things are. With so much divisiveness between parties and differences of opinions, much is on the line at this time. This is one reason why the 2018 midterm election is different from midterms in year’s past. People who vote are either on the far right-leaning side, or far left-leaning side with drastic differences in opinions.

The enthusiasm to vote is higher than in years past for midterm elections. That is partly due to President Donald Trump’s polarizing comments on Twitter and in interviews that have fired up voters and created a deep divide, further to the left or right. While some people are pleased with the changes he has made, others hold an opposite opinion and are wanting to see a drastic change.

For better or worse, President Trump has changed policies such as foreign policy, gun control policy, and energy policy. People have recognized there are still issues regarding civil rights, equality, climate change, gun control, and immigration policies which need to be addressed.

Some people vote for candidates based on the political party stance, but it is important to know the candidates and their policies. For voters who approve of President Trump’s policy changes and hope to continue on this path, they must vote Republican, so that Republicans can keep control of the majority in Congress. However, for voters who do not like the changes in the direction our country is heading, they must vote for Democrats on the ballot who could stop the current trends.

People who tend to vote are typically the wealthier citizens of the older generations. There are a wide variety of reasons why nonvoters say they do not vote, such as thinking their vote doesn’t really matter, they do not care for the candidate running, they are not a registered citizen, or they just simply say they are too busy.

Since Trump’s presidency, there have been more controversies, some of which have been rallied against by the younger generation, such as the March for Our Lives protest. This is also another reason why this midterm election will be different than in years past. Youth have made their voices heard more and are also wanting to see a change.

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Above is an article I wrote about the midterm election for my university’s newspaper, which you can find here. Above is the same article, but with the quotes taken out. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to GO VOTE. But don’t just vote just to do it. Do your research, know what you believe in, know who you want to vote for and why, then go to the polls! You may think that your vote doesn’t matter, but it does.

I’m going to wait in line to vote no matter how long it takes. Will you?

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx


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