This episode started off with a group date at a theatre where they met Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman who told them what they were going to be doing. The girls and Colton read a story they had written about their relationship experience in front of an audience. Of course some of the girls took it more serious than others, while Demi explained that she always goes after what she wants and then walked off the stage and went straight to kiss Colton.

Image from Bachelorabc Instagram

The beef against Demi started and throughout the night, girls began going to Demi talking about how they didn’t appreciate her bragging about getting a rose and acting erogant.

Meanwhile, Elyse and Colton shared a steamy kiss with each other and Elyse talked about how the older girls have a joke in the house talking about “Colton’s Cougars” since the older women all have a room in the house together. I personally like Elyse because of the maturity she has. And then she received a rose from Colton!

The next date Colton went on was a one-on-one date with Hannah B., who was Miss Alabama. It was her birthday on their one-on-one, which was pretty cool. While she was on her date, Caelynn brought up that she knew Hannah B. was going to be the one to get the rose and explained that she knew Hannah B. before the Bachelor due to being at pagents together. And of course, more drama was happening because of that.

Colton and Hannah B’s one-on-one date was pretty awkward! They began their date in a hot tub (shocker), and she was not talking a lot and just kept chuckling. Colton mentioned that if she couldn’t open up then he wouldn’t be giving her a rose at the end of the night. Hannah B. acted like she couldn’t even talk. Colton was mentioning that he was having doubts about her. They then had a dinner that night on a deck of a ship.

He brought up that he felt that something was off earlier in their date.  He told her to open up and stop trying to be perfect because that’s not what life is about. She told him that she would try to open up and asked him about why he is a virgin still. (What a question to ask immediately *eye roll*). He told his reasons and she talked about how she wanted to stay a virgin, but she was in a relationship in the past that didn’t end up how she wanted it to. He was glad that she started opening up. He said that the date had a rough start, but he was glad she finally opened up and he gave her a rose and they ended the night watching fireworks. Or kissing through the fireworks rather.

Back at the house, another group date card arrived! The group got ready to go to their group date at a camp. The red team and yellow team had to play games to compete for a night with Colton at camp. The red team won, which obviously made the girls on the yellow team mad.

Image from Bachelorabc Instagram

While the yellow team had to go back to the mansion, the red team stayed and talked to Colton throughout the night. Heather talked about being afraid to tell Colton that she’s never kissed a guy before, but she felt the need to tell him. So she did it. She admitted that she’s not only a virgin, but she’s never kissed before. He appreciated her telling him that and he respected her for it. It would have been the perfect opportunity for her to get her first kiss, but it didn’t happen! They talked and that was that. Come on!

All of the girls had the chance to talk to Colton and after a night of getting to know each other more, he finally gave the group date rose to Heather. Whoop whoop! I’m rooting for Heather because she doesn’t brag about all the guys she’s been with or think that being a virgin is weird.

Back at the mansion for the rose ceremony! Colton talked about looking forward to talking with all the girls from the yellow team who he hadn’t had a chance to talk to yet since they got sent home. While Tracy was talking to Colton, Demi showed up in a bathrobe and took him up to her room and gave him a massage, which ALL the girls got mad at because they didn’t know what was going on. As soon as Demi went back downstairs the girls questioned her and told her about how they thought she was rude to Tracy. Demi went to talk to Tracy, who was crying, and that conversation got nowhere.

Rose ceremony time. Elyse, Hannah B., and Heather already had their rose. According to Newsweek since the show got interrupted by my local news station, the only ones Colton sent home were Annie, Alex B., Angelique, and Erika. I’m still rooting for all the girls I mentioned in my previous post from last week! Except for I really don’t like Demi anymore.

Since my classes have started back and I have a full load, I’ll post a new blog post about the Bachelor later on in the season instead of every week. But I’ll still post about other things when I get the chance, so stick around!

Who are you rooting for to get the final rose? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx

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