One of my classes got cancelled this morning, so it’s the perfect time to do a recap of last night’s episode. Grab your morning coffee and let’s get to it!

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After last week’s episode of the Bachelor, they showed the teaser for last night’s episode, which showed Colton finally jumping the fence. Throughout last night’s whole episode, Colton still never jumped the fence, but there was still a whole lot of drama going on.

Ben Higgins joined Colton at the beginning of this episode to give him advice. Colton was telling him about his frustrations as well as excitements. Ben gave his advice about following his heart. With an episode including Ben Higgins AND Colton Underwood, I don’t know what more a girl could want.

Tayshia got a date right at the start of the episode, which included dogs, ice cream, and wine. Oh and then a visit to Colton’s apartment. That’s what I call a date! Nothing beats ice cream and dogs. While at Colton’s apartment, he asked how her family would react to him visiting for hometowns. She expressed her concerns about her dad being really protective and could possibly be hard on Colton. But that’s not the only concern she expressed to Colton. And here’s where the drama starts.

She told Colton that after he voiced his concern last week about being concerned that people weren’t there for the right reasons, she knew that Caelynn and Cassie were the ones who weren’t there for him and mentioned being the next Bachelorette. Of course that made him concerned and start to question things again.

The next date he was on was with Caelynn and he brought up his concern about what Tayshia told him about her not being ready after their snowboarding date. Caelynn looked shocked and confused, but remained pretty calm and quiet. Later that evening when they were talking, she told him that she wants a family with him and that whatever Tayshia told him wasn’t true. But the drama didn’t stop there.

Caelynn got back to the house and confronted Tayshia about it. Tayshia explained that she didn’t think Caelynn and Cassie were ready because they were the ones that acted defensive when Colton was talking about girls in the house not being ready for marriage last week. Caelynn got upset and told her that she would never talk bad about her and she should leave her name out of her mouth because what she said wasn’t true at all.

One of my biggest pet peeves is girls saying crap without proof or facts just to try to get closer to the guy they like. I don’t care if there’s a guy involved or not. Girls are too dramatic and mean!

Hannah B went on a date with Colton to his family’s house and met his parents. She was falling in love with him, and told his parents that, but Colton was talking with his dad about her and realized that he wasn’t falling in love with her yet. Although she thought things were going well, he sent her home.

Hannah G, Heather, Cassie, and Kirpa went on the group date. Cassie mentioned to Kirpa that she was afraid other people talked bad about her to Colton like they did to Caelynn without being given an opportunity to defend herself. Kirpa pretty much said the same thing as Tayshia and was on her side, which then made Cassie really annoyed. Cassie started crying and didn’t know why Kirpa was saying that she and Caelynn weren’t ready for a proposal.

Kirpa said that she feels like Cassie isn’t prepared for a proposal or she wouldn’t get defensive and start crying. Um excuse me. If someone talked bad about me behind my back without me knowing, I would probably be crying too. Not because of being pathetic, but I would be pissed. And when I get super mad, crying just naturally happens.

Meanwhile, Heather was having a conversation with Colton about not feeling like she was ready for marriage and she didn’t want him to go to her hometowns feeling that way, so therefore, she left.

Hannah G, Cassie, and Kirpa were the ones left on the group date. Hannah G received a rose from Colton and went back to the house while Colton was still talking to Kirpa and Cassie. He pulled Kirpa aside and talked to her about the drama with Cassie to see her side of it. Kirpa basically said the exact same thing as Tayshia once again.

THEN out of nowhere, Caelynn showed up to talk to Colton privately. She told Colton that she felt like he needed to know that Cassie was there for the right reasons and that it would be ridiculous to send her home when what she would be sent home over wasn’t even true. Kirpa and Cassie didn’t know what was going on and Colton came back out and Caelynn left. Immediately following, Colton gave the last rose to Cassie, which meant Kirpa was being sent home. Thank God.

I CANNOT STAND girls talking about girls behind their back and thinking they aren’t doing anything wrong. If you have something to say or clarify, say it to the person’s face. Geesh. So with that being said, the ones left are Tayshia, Cassie, Caelynn, and Hannah G.

My top three still are Cassie, Caelynn, and Hannah G which were my picks on night one. And that wraps up last night’s episode of the Bachelor.

Who’s family are you excited about seeing in next week’s episode of hometowns? Comment below!

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx



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