The High-Waisted Jegging You Need

Hello bloggers! I haven’t written about clothes in quite a while and this is a really good deal, so here we go. I’m coming at you with AE NE(X)T LEVEL SUPER HIGH-WAISTED JEGGING that you need in your life.

One of my favorite instagram accounts and bloggers is Melissa Cole (ellabrooksblog). She posted a pair of jeans on her insta story the other week and I actually swiped up, which I usually never do. I usually don’t shop online since it’s easier for me to try things on before buying them. But I did. I swiped up and continued with my purchase.

I had been needing new jeans and these were the perfect pair, although I was still nervous about how they would fit. They finally arrived in the mail and they fit perfectly! It’s so unusual for jeans to fit me that well. I am SO glad I saw her post and went ahead with the purchase.

These jeans are stretchy while still fitting skinny and are high waisted. Since the material is soft and stretchy, they aren’t uncomfortable to stay in all day like other pairs of jeans can be. I am so happy with how they fit. AND they are 30% off!

Outfit details are posted below!

Shirt: Forever 21 – Jeans: American Eagle – Boots: Target.

More details are in my Instagram story highlights.

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx