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The Bachelor – Jump the Fence Episode

I’m on spring break, which means I don’t have to run off to class, so we have A LOT to discuss about last night’s Bachelor episode. Grab your morning cup of coffee and let’s get to it.

The episode was off to a good start with Colton taking the remaining girls (Hannah G, Tayshia, and Cassie) to Portugal.

Colton took Tayshia on a helicopter ride to where they were going to have their date. They obviously discussed what they liked about each other and reflected on the season. They had their dinner date that night where she told him that she took the fantasy suite seriously and she respected Colton for saving himself for the one.

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He then gave her the fantasy suite card and they stayed with each other, but they apparently didn’t have sex. He mentioned that he wasn’t to that point with her yet. Good for him for not just doing it because of them being in the fantasy suite. I respect him even more for waiting until knowing which one he’s in love with.

Now onto the drama. Cassie went on a date with Colton and as usual, they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other and he kept saying how much he liked her. Everything was going fine and they were so cute together. When they started talking about the hometown visit with her family, he told her that her dad wound up not giving him his blessing to propose to her.

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By her reaction, that completely shocked her. She kept mentioning how confused she was, but Colton said her dad not giving him his blessing wasn’t going to stop him from getting engaged to her. Later on in the day, her dad showed up to her hotel room to talk to her about the future. Her dad kept telling her that if she had a doubt, then she doesn’t have to go through with it since it’s such a serious commitment.

He was telling her about the feeling he had meeting her mom and that he immediately knew she was the one. That left Cassie mega confused and doubting everything. Her dad left and she went to meet up with Colton that night. Before she even said anything to Colton, he went on and on to her about how much he’s in love with her.

She said that she didn’t think she was to that point and told him that she had a conversation with her dad earlier, and now she’s confused about everything. Colton kept repeating how much he was in love with her. And she just kept saying that she didn’t know what to do.

He told her that she was the one he wanted to spend his life with and that he would give her the time she needed. He literally said he would do anything for her and that he didn’t want to ever let her go (come on Cassie!) Then he started having like a panic attack and started shaking. She walked away to think and to have a minute.

After a while, he walked over to her and straight up told her that he wasn’t going to let her get away. She said that she was having doubts and it wasn’t fair to him if she stayed. So, she left. Colton went off and finally jumped the freakin fence!

photo courtesy of bachelorabc instagram

Personally, I have some things to say about all this, so here it goes. And no this isn’t a hate towards Cassie because obviously I don’t even know her and she’s human too, but this is just what I think about situations like this in general and observations between her and Colton.

Where has the communication been this whole time with her? I was the biggest fan of hers, but it seems like in every episode here lately, she’s just been like “I don’t know” to everything he asks. If she was having doubts, then she should’ve expressed that earlier on. Either she loved him, but her dad made her have doubts, or she didn’t love him and was just staying around. Either way, talk it out with Colton!

Also, I’m not really a fan of how her dad was saying there wouldn’t be any doubts if Colton was the one for her. I believe that every relationship is different to each person and just because one relationship didn’t have any doubts, doesn’t mean all relationships shouldn’t have any doubts. You could be head over hills in love with someone while still having a few doubts. That’s why communication is so important.

I hate it when someone stays quiet and you’re thinking everything is fine and you’re on the same page and then bam! All of the sudden you say what you’re feeling and poor your heart out just to get rejected. And then you start having a million things run through your mind about why you aren’t good enough and what you should’ve done differently.

I think this is the first time in Bachelor history where I have totally been on the Bachelor’s side. Usually the Bachelor is the one blind siding people, but no. It’s all these immature girls who aren’t ready for a serious relationship. They haven’t had to go through anything that makes them stronger and makes them know what they want in life. That’s fine, but they’re still just trying to figure out who they are, which is making their whole process with Colton confusing. They shouldn’t have even gone on the Bachelor.

Yes, Colton is a young Bachelor, but he’s been knowing what he wants this whole time and eliminating girls back to back because of knowing what he wants. He’s been through crap and doesn’t want to go through it again. I feel ya, Colton. It’s annoying when you think someone is different and you can actually trust them just to get heart broken all over again. Then it’s the process of building yourself back up and finding confidence again.

I respect Colton for so many reasons. Like for staying a virgin first off, going through this whole process plus fantasy suites AND STILL remaining a virgin, and knowing what he wants and not wasting anybody else’s time. Way to go Colton for staying true to yourself and your values and not letting people persuade you to do anything else.

Whew! Honesty, trust, communication, and respect are hot button issues for me so it makes me so aggravated when girls say “I don’t know” or to top it off “are you mad at me?” after everything. Ok, I think I’ve gotten my point thrown out there enough.

Other than feeling bad for Colton and knowing how he feels on so many levels, I do feel bad for Hannah G and Tayshia because now it’s like they’re only the second option instead of “the one.”  That’s if he actually proposes to someone at the end of this.

Usually I get upset with girls being overly dramatic and starting rumors, which I still do (like girls just need to calm down), but this episode had me annoyed for different reasons. Figure yourself out then go after what you want. That’s it. I love Colton as the Bachelor and can’t wait to see how this season ends.

At this point, I kind of want him to leave without proposing to anybody, but I do like Hannah G. Tonight is the Women Tell All episode, which is really “the most dramatic episode ever.” More so than the fence jumping episode. And then next week is it!

As much as Cassie’s decision and how she acted annoyed me, I really want them to be together. Maybe she’ll come back? Or Maybe he’ll leave and go after her? All I’m sayin’ is when there’s a guy that fights for you that much, he’s a keeper.

What are your feelings towards last night’s episode? Are you rooting for Colton to get engaged? Comment below and let’s talk about it!

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx

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