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The Most Dramatic Episode in Bachelor History – Women Tell All

You know the drill. Grab that fresh morning cup of coffee and let’s start talking about the Women Tell All episode last night. I don’t have much to say about this, so it’ll be a shorter post than the last one. Last night, I finally had time to wash my hair, do a face mask, and drink green tea while it was still hot, which is all an accomplishment. Spring break is the best!

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I’m pretty sure the Women Tell All episode was the most annoying one I have seen so far in Bachelor history. Literally all it was was a bunch of college aged girls trying to one up each other and put the others down.

I felt bad for Nicole as she was trying to talk about her experience all the Bachelor, but kept getting attacked by the other girls. She was trying to tell the girls to stick up for her and they just kept talking over her, which was super annoying.

About the same thing happened when Demi and Courtney were talking about all their drama. Demi kept shutting Courtney up and acting super immature and Courtney would come back with non classy things to say as well.

Chris Harrison mentioned that we would be seeing more of Demi and I’m really hoping he meant she’s going to be on Bachelor in Paradise because I cannot take a whole season of her on the Bachelorette. I could definitely see her on Bachelor in Paradise though. I think she would be the perfect fit for it.

I think having such a young cast of contestants was a really bad idea. They’re all full of drama and hearing all those girls talk gave me anxiety haha! Hannah B. talked about being blind sided and just wanting to find love again, as did Caelynn. I wouldn’t be mad about watching the Bachelorette if it was Caelynn or HannahB. (Caelynn being my first choice).

All of the other girls seem way immature and seem that they are just there to start drama like it’s a college party. Seriously, where did some of these girls grow up? So disrespectful! I have never been a fan of having a lot of girl friends because of all the drama.

I grew up with my brothers and their friends hanging out with them at skatepark, so that’s more fun to me than being with dramatic girls. Girls are just too full of drama and putting others down just because of getting what they want and I don’t need that in my life. So with that being said, Women Tell All was pretty annoying last night.

Also, this was the first time where the Bachelor didn’t have that much to say. Usually a contestant comes on stage and gets validation or questions the Bachelor more, but Colton didn’t say much and kind of made everything into a joke. He gave Caelynn and Hannah B. his reasons for eliminating them and that was that.

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My prediction for the finale is that he doesn’t propose to anybody and tries to get back with Cassie. It would be weird for him to get engaged to someone else now that he has confessed his love to Cassie.

I cannot wait for next weeks two night episode finale! What are your predictions for the finale? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx

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