Alright guys, for the last time this season, grab that cup of coffee with an extra dose of caffeine because we have to discuss the Bachelor Finale. Here we go!

I could not have asked for a better way to end Colton’s season. Loved every minute of the finale. Is it just me or did that season go by way fast? This season was different with having younger contestants and also with Colton not following all the “Bachelor rules,” such as what the finale consisted of!

Monday night left off with Colton going to Cassie’s hotel, but not seeing anything. Last night showed him knocking on her hotel door and then her opening it. He asked to talk to her, which then he told her all about the famous fence jump and only being committed to her.

In typical Cassie fashion, she acted shocked and didn’t say anything for a while, but you could tell how happy she was to hear what all he did to get her back. Then he said again “I don’t just want to tell you I love you. I want to show you I love you.” Gah, gets me every time.

He told her that he would be patient with her and take their relationship day by day. Colton then went on to tell her that if she wanted to, his family was in Spain if she wanted to meet them. She agreed to take their relationship slowly, but wanted to be with him. So she met his family and everything seemed to go fine.

His parents were worried about him falling too hard too fast with not knowing if she loved him, but Colton didn’t seem to care. He was just happy that he was back with her. They went on a normal date and then spent the night in the fantasy suite. I actually forgot about the fantasy suite at this point because it didn’t really seem like the Bachelor anymore.

You could really tell how happy Colton and Cassie were together. They are the cutest. I wasn’t a fan of how Cassie talked with Colton when she was breaking up with him the other week because of her whininess and lack of communication, when she started out being my favorite, but now I’m back on the Cassie train. I love them together.

I wrote in my other blog posts that Cassie was missing out on such a good guy and it seems like she finally realized that. During the live event, she mentioned about how much they’re both in love with each other and how she’s the luckiest girl in the world. I would definitely say she’s lucky to have a Colton in her life.

Why can’t there be more Coltons in this world? Guys who know what they want, not afraid to go after it, also not afraid to stick to their values, and not afraid of what people will say about you is my type of guy. Colton is literally a dream. Cassie was my absolute favorite (you can read it in my first blog post of this season) and I called that it would be her at the end, but didn’t expect it to end in that way.

I feel like they’re already stronger than other Bachelor/Bachelorette couples just because of already going through stuff together. It’s not like everything was peachy and then they get back into reality and can’t handle it. I feel like they’re a pretty strong couple already. Cassie seems to be chill again like she was when she started on the season, and Colton was literally the best bachelor. Agreed with every single decision he made and am so happy with how it ended.


And now on to the Bachelorette. Hannah B was announced as the Bachelorette. I really wanted it to be Caelynn, but I feel that because of there being rumors about her just wanting to be the bachelorette, they couldn’t cast her or else it would look obvious. I’m just glad it’s not Demi or other super dramatic girls. But Hannah B was super awkward last night. Here’s hoping her season isn’t as awkward as last night’s part with her.

This season has been so fun watching and blogging with you all! What did you all think of the finale and Colton’s decision? What do you think about Hannah B being named the bachelorette? Comment what you think about it all!

I’ll be blogging about other things, so don’t go anywhere just because the Bachelor is over. Talk to you all soon!

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx

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