The Perfect Self Tanner

Here in NC, it’s been in the 90s lately, which means more skin is going to be showing. Since it’s not even summer yet, you may not be able to lay out at a pool or beach and get a nice tan.  That’s why you need this tanning lotion. I’ve literally gotten asked so many times about what tanning product I use since it’s not orange and has a natural glow.


I haven’t been a fan of self tanners in the past since they typically streak or just leave everything you touch orange, but I am in love with this Jergens Natural Glow self tanner in the medium to tan skin tone even though my skin is naturally really pale.  I’m on my second bottle already and won’t buy anything else.

I already had a nice tan after the first use, but I use it every night to keep it the same color. I apply it all over at night and wash my hands afterwards and wait about 15mins before I put clothes on to let it dry. I let it soak into my skin during the night and get a shower like normal in the mornings and it doesn’t run off. I also just recently purchased the daily face moisturizer in the same color and love it as well.

If you want the perfect tan glow, go buy this tanner! You won’t be disappointed. Happy tanning!

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx