What’s in Your Nail Polish

Hi guys! Hope you’re having a happy hump day!

My siblings have all safely arrived in America for a few weeks (after their flight was cancelled yesterday) and one of the things my sister and I do every time she comes is get our nails done together. It’s a fun time to catch up and spend time together.

We usually go to a regular nail salon near our house and get the usual OPI gel manicure, but this time was different. After we became more aware of our environment, we decided to do some research about animal cruelty and deforestation.

The nail polish we usually get was tested on animals (which is so sad) and the oil that is rubbed into our hands during the manicure takes away trees from animals’ habitats. Who knew!? Before researching this stuff, I had no clue that my manicure could hurt animals and their living environment.

Since I found out about it, I’ve been trying to find a local place that doesn’t do animal testing and is completely cruelty free. After calling multiple places, I finally found a salon down the road from my house that does EVERYTHING cruelty free! Oil, lotions, polish, shellac, etc. The polish is suppose to be way healthier for your nails and it wasn’t pricey either!


So the point of this post is to encourage you to research what’s in your product before you buy it or get pampered by it. Who knew I could save animals while getting pampered!?

Did you guys already know about this? I had no clue until recently and I’m never going back to getting regular manicures. Let’s do as much as we can to save our environment and animals!

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx