Gone to Caswell Beach Part Two


Today was the best of both worlds. I have been in the mood for a good thunderstorm at the beach for the longest time, but I also wanted nice weather. Today we had both.


One of my favorite things to do is to watch the sunrise, so this morning we got up and had coffee while watching the sunrise at 6am. Then we went walking along the beach when storm clouds came rolling in. We started walking back to the hotel and made it in just in time before it started storming. We sat on the porch while it was pouring rain, waiting for the storm to pass.



The storm passed and we drove into Southport to eat at Provision (again) for lunch because you can never have it too many times. After lunch, we walked around Southport and swung on the swings on the waterfront watching sailboats.




Since this was our last day at the beach, after spending the afternoon/evening in Southport, we caught one of the last ferries and headed back home. This was such a fun little getaway spent with family.


Now back to Raleigh to have more family time since my siblings aren’t going back to England just yet! With that being said, there will be more blog posts with the things we’re up to, but follow me on Insta so you don’t miss out on anything 🙂

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx