Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all have had a good weekend. Today was a much needed sibling day just like the old days ❤



This morning, we went to church and then went to one of our church members’ pond at their house to fish. My mom was with my grandparents and my dad was fishing with us some before visiting church members (since he’s a preacher), so it was just us siblings fishing and goofing off together for the majority of time.



Our church had a church pool party in the evening, so once we were finished fishing and the pool party started, we headed to the pool. All of us were playing in the pool together and still goofing off just like we did when we all were kids.


Now, we’re back home after showering off the fish guts and pool water and watching horror movies. I’d say that was the best way to spend a Sunday especially after not being able to see your siblings very often anymore.

How do you usually spend your Sundays? Are you for having lazy days or doing things?

Hope you you all have a good week!

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx