My Baby Brother is 16!


My little baby brother’s 16th birthday is today and I can’t believe it!!! I literally talk about my family ALL THE TIME so your probably already know this, but in case you’re new around here, here’s the story of my little brother and me.


I was always the baby of the family and hated it. I wanted a little baby brother to take care of and be best friends with. My family wanted to foster/adopt so we were already on a wait list to add a little kiddo to our squad. Every birthday I would wish for a little brother and pray for one every night before bed.

I specifically remember right before my ninth birthday I was looking around for birthday ideas. I wanted a certain watch so bad and knew I had to have it for my birthday.

A couple days before my birthday I woke up and went downstairs where my dad greeted me at the bottom of the stairs saying “we have an early birthday present for you in our room.” Immediately I got so excited that I was finally getting my watch I had been wanting.

I walked in my parents’ bedroom and in the bed was a tiny little baby boy. I started crying tears of joy and just wanted to hold him. My mom said “don’t get too attached. This is only an emergency case and he’ll only be with us for a couple days.” I didn’t care how long he was going to be with us, I was going to spend every second with him.

My parents went on to tell me that he came to our house during the night and he was a super cute 13 month old but looked much smaller since he was a preemie. I never put him down. I fed him, changed his diaper, strolled him around our neighborhood, read him books, and even let him teeth on my shoulder because I was determined to not let go of him. He was everything I wanted in a baby brother.


Fast forward to when he was 3 years old, we FINALLY adopted him and he was officially forever my baby brother after going back and forth to visits to his biological mom’s house and court dates to try to get custody of him. From then on, my ninth birthday will always stand out to me and I couldn’t have been more excited to have a baby brother that I always prayed for.


Today as he turns 16, we are best friends and I still couldn’t be more grateful to have him in our family. Here’s 10 reasons why he’s the best little brother.

1. He’s hilarious. You can always count on little brothers to tell jokes that make you laugh, but it’s the things that he does that he doesn’t mean to be funny that’s so hilarious. Little sayings, facial expressions when we’re trying to be serious, or embarrassing ourselves, I can always count on him to make me laugh.

2. He’s protective. Even when he was small, he was always protective of me, but as he’s gotten older, he’s been even more protective. He has my back and always makes sure I’m okay. Whether I’m just having a bad day or went through a breakup, he’s always there to cheer me up and won’t leave my side until he knows I’m better.

3. He’s a little gentleman. I’ve always said I wish there were more guys like my brothers in this world. He holds the door, opens the car door, helps with groceries, and is right there to help. Whether it’s holding the door for me or noticing a senior adult needing help with something, he’s always there.

4. He’s musical. When he was a little baby and first came to us, he wouldn’t calm down unless he heard classical music. As he’s gotten older, he enjoys a wide range of music and is mega talented. I love music and grew up doing musical theatre, so I love that he loves music too and is pursuing music as a potential career.

5. He likes horror movies. This may sound weird but I love horror movies! If I’m going to the cinema, it’s probably to watch a horror movie and it’s with him because he likes it just as much.

6. He says “I love you.” Not many teenagers, especially boys, will come up to a family member and say “I love you” out of the blue. He does. When he’s gone, he texts “I love you,” before hanging up the phone he says “I love you,” and when we’re together he randomly says “I love you” and I love that.

7. His personality. He has such a fun sense of humor, but can also be serious all while navigating the teenage life and figuring out who he is. It’s hard being a teenager, but he’s doing a pretty dang good job at it and I love being around him.

8. He randomly hugs me. He’s always been a cuddly little baby and kid and even as he’s getting older, he’ll sit on my lap or randomly give me the best hug.

9. He doesn’t get embarrassed. He’s not embarrassed to be around family while he’s around his friends. He’ll come up to me and let everyone know that he’s my little brother without saying a word. Whether it’s a hug, secret handshake, or both, he isn’t embarrassed to be around family.

10. He’s my best friend. All of us siblings are super close and we’re all best friends, but my little brother is the one that I spend the most time with, especially as my older siblings are moving on with their lives. A few years ago we were both at a CVS picking up drinks and snacks when the cashier asked if we were siblings. We responded by saying yes at the same time and she said she could tell. She said “don’t ever lose what you guys have. I can tell you love each other and are best friends. Stay that way.” I couldn’t ask for a better friend and little brother and am so glad he joined our family.

Even though I could go on and on about all the things I love about my little brother, those are just the 10 that stand out to me the most. I couldn’t ask for a better little brother and am excited for his future.


Until next time,

Caitlin xxx