Life Update

A little life update coming at ya since life has calmed down for a bit. Yesterday, my sister and brother-in-law went back to England after being here since the middle of June. It was SO NICE having them here for a little over two weeks. From traveling to just sitting at home and watching movies or playing games, I love having all my siblings here ❤ My older brother will be moving to England at the end of August permanently since he’s getting married, so I’m glad he is staying in America for a little longer and am soaking in all the time with him as possible.


Backing up a little bit, in April I got hired to work with Midtown Events here in Raleigh as a special events intern. This has been such a fun internship (and it’s paid which is a plus) but getting to meet people, get more involved with the community, and working in the office setting as well as setting up events has been a great learning experience. I’ll be continuing to do this internship until the end of this month since I’ll be in England all of August, but then I’ll get back to it.

For the past couple of weeks, well since mid-May, I have been sick feeling like I have the flu or some type of virus. My regular doctor is over an hour away and it takes forever to get an appointment, so I’ve been visiting our local Target Minute Clinic very often. The first time I went (in May), they said I had a severe ear + sinus infection and gave me a prescription. Even after the antibiotic, I didn’t feel better. I went back to the minute clinic and got checked for strep throat, which was negative, so they just told me to rest and take over the counter meds for pain.

Recently I had blisters on the back of my throat and had no energy to do anything, (which luckily this happened while my siblings were here so we would just stay in and watch movies anyway), BUT I was in extreme pain. I called my regular doctor and couldn’t be seen for at least two weeks, so I had enough of it and finally went to Urgent Care. Since another strep test came back negative, they tested me for mono. My mono test came back positive, which blew my mind because I didn’t even think about having that. So back to getting as much rest as I can and taking more pain medication until I get better.

While my siblings have been here and with having no energy to workout (obviously since I now know I have mono), I haven’t felt like working out and I always gain weight as soon as I stop working out. Sitting around not eating the healthiest foods haven’t helped either. But I am getting back in control of that and not stressing about it too bad like I have in the past. Getting my body back to feeling healthy is my main priority right now.

At the end of July, my family is heading to the beach for my dad’s side of the family reunion since we live in different places and don’t get to see each other often. Then once we get back from there, I immediately pack to go to England until the end of August when I start my senior year of college, which is going to be fun with jet lag haha! It’s going to be exhausting for the first couple of days getting back into the swing of things, but I’m so excited to get back to getting a step closer to my goals and dreams.

Oh yeah, aside from my internship, family being here, and traveling, I am taking care of my friend’s guinea pig since she went back home for summer break and couldn’t take him with her. He’s the cutest little guy and has his own instagram so go give him a follow @seymour_the_guinea.

One more thing. My dad and I have started a podcast called “It’s a Podcast.” We are in the process of recording episodes before publishing anything, but in the meantime, head over to @itsapodcastduo to stay up to date on when the episodes are available! It’s a fun podcast covering everything except for politics and religion because that would take away the fun.

Okay, I think I covered everything I have been up to recently and what’s coming up. Of course there will be a lot of traveling going on AND new episodes of the Bachelorette so make sure you stay connected!

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx