Toy Story 4

*There are no spoilers in this, it’s just my overall opinion of the movie*

If you know me, you know I absolutely love going to the movies. Especially if it’s a horror movie. Something about sitting in a dark theater at night watching a horror movie is so fun to me. With that being said, my family went to the movies tonight but it wasn’t a horror movie. We all went to see Toy Story 4.


I’m not a huge fan of some of the new animated movies for kids because they seem more corny (and not just because I’m not a kid anymore haha) and don’t really have a purpose. But when it comes to classics like Toy Story, that’s a whole different story.

The new Toy Story was a super fun and cute movie for all ages. Whether it brings back good memories of watching it when the first one came out or this is the first Toy Story kids are watching, it’s the perfect classic movie that everyone seems to enjoy.

There are hilarious parts to it in the things that the toys do that kids wouldn’t really catch on to and then there are the parts that are specifically for kids to get. One of my favorite parts of the whole movie though was that there wasn’t technology involved.

The majority of Disney shows and movies now have technology involved since that’s what this generation is used to. There’s always an iPad or iPhone used by the characters in the movie/show. Toy Story left technology out. It was literally all just about toys and I love that.

I think technology has become way more of a priority in households whether it’s used for work or to keep kids’ attention instead of playing with actual toys. So I really love that a movie for kids to enjoy these days left technology out and made toys a priority.

My whole family enjoyed the movie (even though it was quite stressful hehe) and I would definitely watch it again and recommend it to anyone.

Have you seen Toy Story 4 yet? If so, what did you think? Leave you thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx