The Bachelorette: Fantasy Suite Night

Whew what an episode of the Bachelorette! My fave episode so far for so many reasons, but mainly because SPOLER ALERT Luke P. finally got sent home. The best part of the whole season! Okay, let’s get into the episode.

Tonight was fantasy suite night in Greece and Hannah B had four guys to figure out if she wanted to be with them overnight or not. Her first date was with Peter, which went well, but I had a feeling while watching that he’s more into her than she’s into him. She asked him to stay in the fantasy suite which he did obviously. I’ve always liked Pilot Pete.

Tyler C’s turn. Hannah took him to get massages with her and then they went to dinner. While at their dinner date she told him that she wasn’t sure about fantasy suites with him because they have physical connection, but they didn’t have as much of the emotional connection and needed time to talk more. And then Tyler C comes in with the whole “I would never push you or do anything you weren’t comfortable doing” talk. Hannah proceeds to take him to the fantasy suite but said they didn’t do anything but talk the whole night. She said he just held her and talked to her and she had never felt so respected in her whole life (while getting emotional). Where are all the Tyler Cs at in life!? Hands down Tyler is my fave!!!

Jed and Hannah went to a little village where they did things within the Greek Culture. While eating, Jed pulled Hannah away and questioned why Luke P was still around because Jed didn’t want to be in the same category as him. Long story short, Hannah just asked Jed to trust her with her journey. On their dinner date Jed brought Luke up again and Hannah excused herself because she was feeling overwhelmed. Jed followed her and said he was only asking about her reasoning for things because he loves her so much. And once again, she took him to the fantasy suite.

Luke P’s turn!! The moment I’ve been waiting for all season and it did not disappoint! Over dinner, Luke P got right to it and said that his faith is important and said that sex should be kept for marriage and told Hannah he would have to leave if she had sex with other guys. He went on and on about how he thought they were on the same page with morals and he would hope that she didn’t do anything with the other guys. He started to hard core judge her and tell her what was right or not. She basically was speechless for a while, but when she finally opened her mouth she didn’t stop. She hit him with scripture and told him that she did have sex but Jesus still loved her and how there are so many reasons why she wouldn’t want Luke as her husband so he can’t be talking about what is right to do. She sent him home and he had the balls to say “you owe me a chance to talk.” Wrong words to use buddy. I have been waiting all season for her to lay into him. Luke P getting sent home the way he did was everything I could’ve asked for.

Luke P is psycho saying things he does and then telling her he never said it or she took it the wrong way. And then for him to tell her what she can or can’t do!? Heck no! Get outta here with that! But you know who does respect Hannah and would let her make her own choices? Tyler! Tyler C everybody! There’s already a lot of articles online talking about how females, especially feminists, appreciate Tyler and how he handled the fantasy suites. I don’t know who wouldn’t appreciate Tyler C.

So if you couldn’t tell by now, I’m definitely rooting for Tyler C to get down on that knee. I do like Pilot Pete still and Jed (keeping in mind I haven’t read the articles about them having girlfriends while on the show or whatever because I don’t like spoilers). In the previews for the rest of the episodes, it looks like Luke P tries to come back and Tyler has a little word with him, which I’m down to watch! Tyler needs to give Luke P a lesson or two.

And that concludes my take on this week’s episode of the Bachelorette. I really am loving this season because of how Hannah has gone about everything. She knows what she wants and doesn’t have time for games which I love! Here’s hoping Tyler is the one to get the final rose and they don’t breakup afterwards.

Who’s your favorite out of the three guys left? Thoughts on Luke P’s exit? Leave them in the comments below!

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx