Making Our Way Across the Big Pond

Eeeeek!! We finally headed off to England! We arrived at Washington Dulles International Airport Tuesday afternoon and waited around to board our flight around 5:30pm. The plane was a little delayed taking off because of storms, but it was no biggie and still arrived in England on time Wednesday morning.


The flight on the way over wasn’t too bad, but the food was pretty bad. I’m not one to be a picky eater or complain about food at all, but our “meals” were disappointing. We had pretzels for a snack, which I loved, but then had Curry (don’t recommend airplane curry) which wasn’t the best. Our breakfast consisted of clumpy yogurt and four pieces of melon. Pretty appetizing lol!

In regards to the flight, it wasn’t bad at all. There wasn’t much turbulence and the movies and tv shows made up for the not so great food. The hot tea they came around with wasn’t that bad either. Heading to England, sipping tea while reading a James Patterson book is something you just can’t beat.

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Speaking of TV shows, I wasn’t able to watch the finale of the Bachelorette because we were in the air at that point, but I did catch up on what happened and am disappointed that my prediction was right. Oh well, I liked watching Hannah this season and thought she handled things well and hope she finds her happily ever after.

We arrived to London Heathrow Airport around 6:30am and by the time we went through customs and got our luggage, we met up with my brother’s fiancé and my sister and brother-in-law. We headed to my brother and his fiancé’s apartment from the airport and are staying a few days at their place before going to the next destination.

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Once we got settled into their apartment, we went into town to look around at shops and to see what was around. There’s a lot of shops here and a lot of people out and about which I’m a fan of! We popped into a little cafe and had sandwiches. I have been craving egg salad sandwiches some kind of bad, so that’s definitely what I got for lunch. We spent the rest of the evening back at their apartment ordering takeaway for dinner from Wagamama, watching movies with Magnum bars, and playing games.

I would most certainly call that a successful first day in England considering we’re a little jet lagged.

Since we’ll be going various places while we’re here, what are some places you recommend us visiting? Soon we’ll be around the Bath area so leave suggestions in the comments of must sees!

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx