Sundays Are for Fish and Chips

Not the most exciting blog post today, but it was still a really fun day. Today was a super chilly and rainy day in Durham, so we decided to go to IKEA to kill some time since it was rainy and a lot of places are closed on Sundays.


This morning we just relaxed at the house and watched tv with coffee. Later on in the day, we stopped off to see the Angel of the North and got hot cocoa then went looking around in IKEA.

After spending some time at IKEA, we went to Seaham to get fish and chips with mushy peas for dinner then went to the beach. We walked around the caves, collected pretty rocks and sea glass (I got one that’s my birth stone color), and then we headed to the house to watch a movie.




Tomorrow is my birthday, so there most definitely will be another blog post about what I got up to!

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday.

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx