Birthday, Tattoo, and Ruins

Finally posting about my birthday yesterday! Between being busy and not having much WiFi, I haven’t been able to post much. But that’s fine with me because I was able to be present more.


Yesterday morning didn’t go quite as planned for a birthday. Everything was going fine, we were up having coffee and watching TV when the carbon dioxide detectors went off.  I thought it wasn’t a big deal and the batteries were just running low or something, but someone came out to check it just in case. While my sister and brother-in-law stayed at the house to wait on someone to come, the rest of us went into town to have a birthday coffee at Costa and people watch. 


My brothers looked in the shops around town and then we met everyone for lunch at the Shakespearean Pub, which is one of the most haunted pubs in England. Also turned out that the detectors were just out of date, so it’s a good thing nothing was seriously wrong.



We walked around town and down to the river to just relax before picking up a cake at the store.

Once I picked up a cake, we took it back home then just chilled a little bit at the house. For dinner, we went to the Duke of Wellington pub for bangers and mash and play pub quiz with the locals.



Pub quiz was over with around 10pm then we went back to the house, had cake and ice cream, opened my cards, and watched a thriller movie.


Today was the best spontaneous adventure day. This morning we just hung out at the house and just after lunch, we went to Richmond to see Richmond Castle.

Then we made our way to go see Middleham Castle.

After that, we went through the gorgeous countryside to Jervaulx Abbey Ruins, with a stop off at the Jervaulx Abbey tea room for afternoon tea before exploring the ruins.


After tea, we walked across the street and through a sheep pasture to get to the ruins. This part was my fave because of all the little sheep everywhere that I just walked up to ❤

We stayed for just around an hour then drove back to the house in Durham to go to my tattoo appointment at the House of Gentleman, which is where I got my dachshund tattoo last year.  I loved the tattoo artist who did my tattoo and couldn’t be happier with it.

I had been wanting this tattoo for the longest time because growing up, I’ve always loved people watching at the airport and watching planes. Now planes are even more special to me since it takes a plane to get to my siblings. Having this little plane tattoo reminds me of going across the pond to be with family.

After getting my tattoo, we walked around Durham Cathedral and then went to Zizzi’s for dinner. Now we’re having a little leftover birthday cake while watching “Looking Glass.”


Okay, I’m all caught up now. I had such a special birthday with all of my siblings in one of my favorite places, and today was a super fun adventurous day.

Until next time,

Caitlin xxx